Photo Observation Contest.


Just for fun, see if your observation skills are sharp. Study the engine photo below and see if you can find the detail the builder initially missed on assembly at Corvair College #43 earlier this month.



The issue was corrected, and this engine put down a perfect break in run on my stand at the college. Use the comments section if you think you see it. Bonus points for the closest guess in minutes for how long it took to correct.




12 Replies to “Photo Observation Contest.”

  1. OK I just saw the extra points question so I will hazard a guess of 45 minutes with an experienced hand helping out.

  2. i may be going out on a limb here but that would make an interesting carburetor installation.

  3. Sarah gets the cigar, but I will hazard a time estimate. 55 min. or so is my guess, but the real fun is that we all got to enjoy the learning opportunity. Here’s a clue: You can’t miss this on your own, it takes a group effort. Seriously though, thank you to the builder who had a good attitude, and an inspiring effort to make lemons out of lemonade, resulting in yet another successful test run. Way to go!

  4. Good way to damage intake tubes and prop at the same time.

    60 minutes, with care so they are facing right direction next time.

    Dave Glassmeyer

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