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Jim & Ginger Tomaszewski

Ginger and Jim flying the TwinJAG

I have been active in aviation for 37 years and fly professionally for work.  I have also been an active aircraft homebuilder for 25 years.  I first met William at his forum in Oshkosh over 10 years ago.  It was that day that I knew the Corvair was the perfect choice for my twin engine design.  Now that the TwinJAG is complete, I am even more convinced that I chose the right engine.  Compact, simple, powerful and very smooth running makes it a joy to build and fly.  FlyCorvair parts along with William’s support over the years made my dream come true.









Randy Bush

Randy and his Pietenpol
Randy and his Sonex

I started building my Pietenpol in 1999. After looking at engine options I decided on the Corvair.  That’s when I met William. I have 840 hours on the Pietenpol and also completed a plans built Corvair powered Sonex.  Through the 20 years I have known him William has shared his knowledge and expertise to help me successfully complete both aircraft and has become someone I would call a close friend. l have never regretted choosing FlyCorvair, you get more than parts for your money.




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