750 Builder Lane Seidel, Barnwell College regular.


Below is one of my favorite photos from Corvair College #43 at Barnwell last month. It is Lane Seidel’s shirt, with several of his name tags from previous colleges. He is holding his phone, showing a picture of his nearly done Zenith 750 STOL, and yes, his engine was first run at a previous Barnwell college.



Ask anyone who has met him at a College, Lane is the best sort of guy, easygoing and laid back. With his southern accent, it is all pretty good camouflage for a highly accomplished, but modest man who works in nuclear power.


If you want to know what makes him invaluable in my book, a story: At Corvair College #34, also at Barnwell, a builder had a crippling medical emergency. You can read some of the background here: Builder Medical Emergency Update. The onset of the man’s crisis was hard to see in the bustle of an on going college. The moment of awareness of his emergency comes from Lane, coming over and telling me he thinks the man has a serious issue we are not seeing. Minutes later we are traveling to Aiken Hospital, and the staff later tells me we cut it pretty close. There were many other builders who later put forth a very strong effort on the man’s behalf, including many people who contributed to a fund which topped $10K. But without Lane, who not only had the observation skills, but also lives by ‘I am my brothers keeper’ instead of societies all to common, ‘I don’t want to get involved’  we very likely would have lost the man.




About William Wynne
I have been continuously building, testing and flying Corvair engines since 1989. Information, parts and components that we developed and tested are now flying on several hundred Corvair powered aircraft. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics and an A&P license from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and have a proven 20 year track record of effectively teaching homebuilders how to create and fly their own Corvair powered planes. Much of this is chronicled at www.FlyCorvair.com and in more than 50 magazine articles.

One Response to 750 Builder Lane Seidel, Barnwell College regular.

  1. jaksno says:

    One of the highest ‘altitude records’ of FlyCorvair in my opinion. A great group of people from this vantage point: Kudos to all!

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