Info Page,Corvair College #42, at Zenith Aircraft.


This is the general information page for Corvair College #42. It was originally posted on 6/5/18. The on line sign up link will is attached below.



Corvair College #42 is the “Zenith Invitational” college.   This event will be held in September 21 and 22  in Mexico MO, during the 26th annual Zenith open house. We have previously held 4 colleges at the Zenith Factory, it is an excellent setting and they are very gracious hosts.  The Technical expertise at the College will be provided by myself and Dan Weseman from SPA/Panther.

 Here is what is different: Everyone is welcome to observe, but due to space limitations, the actual wrenching on engines will be limited to 12 builders who we want to ‘approve’ long before the event, and work with in advance to insure their project is educational for observers. That is the ‘invitational’ part. We are selecting the builders based on the degree of prep work they are willing to do, and we are looking for a cross section of engines to represent the wide range of options in building a Corvair.


The Zenith open house is open to all experimental builders, not just people currently working on a Zenith ( The Heintz’s are here for the long run, they figure you will eventually be a Zenith builder. ) It draws several hundred serious builders every year, and it also is a major gathering point for component suppliers and industry people. Both of the last 2 EAA presidents have been guest speakers at the event. It is a very pro-homebuilding event in an excellent setting. Surprising things happen there like this: EAA Major Achievement Award.


Previous Corvair Colleges at Zenith were held just before the Open House, but in the case we are going to ‘imbed’ College #42 in the Open House so the maximum number of aircraft builders can get a good look at building Corvairs.


Would you like a visual on how long we have been working with Zenith Aircraft and holding events at their location? This is a picture from a 2005 Corvair event at the factory…..notice neither Sebastien nor myself had any gray hair then. We have a long history of productive and cooperative relations with Zenith. Read: 14 Years of Corvair Powered Zeniths.


How do I find out more information about the Open House? 

You can look at their webpage and read all about it, including dates, location, maps, accommodations and the schedule for the event.


Is there an on line sign up for this College?

Yes, this is it:


Is there a fee for this College? 

No, Signing up on line for College #42 is free,  but there will a modest logistics fee for the 12 selected builders who’s projects will be worked on at the College. This Fee will be done directly through SPA/Panther.


If there is no fee, and everyone is welcome at the open house, what is the sign up about? 

We would like everyone thinking of attending to use it. First, to be considered as one of the 12  demonstration engines, you have to sign up.  Second, for observers, we are going to send out a number of briefs before the college, including descriptions of the 12 motors and their builders. We will also send out study material so that you can get the most out of elements like setting the valves, installing the distributor and conducting a test run. If we know you are coming and a bit about your project, we can tailor your experience there. Signing up gives access to this information so you arrive at the College informed.


If I sign up on line, do I have to show up?

There is no commitment, we are not limited in the number of observers we can have. Even if you don’t have plans to attend at this point, I still suggest signing up, it is a good way to gather information on the content of colleges and the material covered. The information will serve you at future colleges also.


What are you looking for in the 12 engines?

We are looking for: 2 Engines in the core stage where they will be torn down and inspected; 2 engines where the builders are ready to close the case; 2 engines with the case closed, and ready for cylinders, one 2,700 motor, one 3,000cc motor; 2 engines ready for heads and valve train; 2 engines ready for starters and distributors, 2 engines ready for the stand.  We are also looking for a builder who would like to buy, assemble and test run a 3.3L “engine in a box kit” For an overview of the 3.3 engine read this story: Build a 3.3L Corvair at the May 18-20 Workshop/Open house.


OK, my project sounds like one of those 12, what do I do? 

First, sign up for the on line registration. Second, Contact Rachel Weseman at SPA by calling 904-626-7777. We will be glad to speak with you about making sure you are prepared for the event. Again, only the 12 builders with engines being worked on will have a modest event fee. This assists us in defraying the logistics cost of traveling 1,075 miles, bringing all the equipment and renting the very large commercial tent we will use.


I wanted to know if you guys an get a look at my core engine while you are out in the midwest?

Yes, we will be glad to, and this is part of the reason to sign up on line, because we will have specific instructions about this. (We generally refer to these as ‘parking lot tours’ )  We will also be glad to transport for parts like cases cranks and heads back to Florida.  Even if you are just planning on having these worked on a few months later, sending them back with us gets them in the system and gets the ball rolling.


Will you be test running the motors?

Yes. We will have my test stand with us, and perhaps run as many as 6 of the engines being worked on.  The goal is positive exposure and progress, and letting people who are yet to select an engine get a good look at all phases of Corvairs.


Will there be flying Corvair Powered planes there?

Yes, we have ad 3-5 every year for the last 10 years.


Is there on site Camping? are their Motels? 

Yes, the Mexico MO airport has good camping, but no hook us. The town is a few miles from the airport, and it has a number of hotels and motels. Do not wait too long to plan, they fill up with several hundred people coming to town.


Do you have links to previous colleges there?

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