Upcoming Events: Brodhead, Oshkosh, Corvair Colleges #42 and #43.


Here is a quick overview of the next four events on deck.  We are just over six weeks from Oshkosh and Brodhed, and we will have continuous updates about there events, but the next detailed notices will be about the individual Corvair Colleges.


In the next 48 hours each of the colleges will have its own introduction page, describing what will go on at the event, and how different builders will be served by it. Following these introductions, I will have an update with the on line links to sign up for them. These links will be up by Wednesday or Thursday this week. This may sound a little protracted, but there is a reason, I want to have everyone ready both descriptive pages before signing up for a College, these two events will both be Colleges, but they will have different approaches.



Corvairs at Oshkosh 2018, Every year for the last decade, my booth at Oshkosh has been #616 in the north aircraft display area, right across from Zenith. 2018 will be at the same spot (You rent them a year in advance). We always have a row of parking for Corvair powered planes right behind the tent. Our place and the SPA/Panther booth right next door are an Oasis of traditional homebuilding camaraderie and a gathering point for builders both during the show and after hours. We will also be holding a drawing for a core engine just like last year; Oshkosh 2017 core engine winner.


Brodhead 2018: This is the Pietenpol gathering in southern WI, the weekend before Oshkosh. I have only missed a few of them in the last 20 years, but I will be there for 2018. Kevin Purtee and Shad Bell are planning on flying in with their Corvair powered Piets, and many other ‘Piet-vair’ builders will be on hand. It is a great grass roots event. 




Above, A 2014 picture of the five Corvair powered Zeniths that flew into Corvair College #30, all parked for a photo in front of the Zenith Factory. We have had 15 years of cooperative and productive relations with Zenith, all for the benefit of builders.


Corvair College #42 The Zenith ‘Invitational” college.  This event will be held in September in Mexico MO, during the 26th annual Zenith open house. We have previously held 4 colleges at Zenith.  Here is what is different: Everyone is welcome to observe, but due to space limitations, the actual wrenching on engines will be limited to 12 builders who we want to ‘approve’ long before the event, and work with in advance to insure their project is educational for observers. We are selecting the builders based on the degree of prep work they are willing to do, and we are looking for a cross section of engines to represent the wide range of options in building a Corvair. More detailed info on this shortly.


Corvair College #43, Barnwell SC will be the tenth College there. Barnwell is our flagship College, always held on Nov. 11th weekend, which this year will be the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI. This will be a large, Full service College with space for 90 builders. We will open the registration up following the detailed description of the event. Over the years, well over 100 Corvair builders have heard their engine come to life at the Barnwell Colleges. If you are determined to join them, follow the detailed story and then the sign up page.




3 Replies to “Upcoming Events: Brodhead, Oshkosh, Corvair Colleges #42 and #43.”

  1. Hi William,

    I am planning to make the treck to Oshkosh this year in the 750. It won’t be fast but it is only about 60% of the butt time as driving to the Zenith open house and Corvair College in Mexico. I am sure the flying low and slow will be a much more fun adventure, just not sure about getting into Wittman and directed to the Corvair parking row. Any hints will be much appreciated.

    Vance Lucas
    Black Diamond Alberta Canada
    CH-750-STOL 3000 cc Corvair

    1. Great to hear this. We can cover details on the phone, but I have spare full week passes and a very good camping spot and ground transportation. 🙂

      1. Hello William, I am going to Zenith for the Rudder workshop in July, I don’t have an email for you so I will post here, I was looking for a core in phoenix but they are pricey, you offered me one for $350.

        I was thinking of going to the fly in in September, this would be a good time to disassemble it and observe others being assembled if you have a slot and can bring it up with you.


        Bill Robinson

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