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Here is our standard reference page with links to many stories about our Corvair Colleges. These colleges are one of the truly unique advantages of using a Corvair engine. No other engine choice has anything like the training, support, and progress on your own engine, all in a fun social atmosphere as we do at the colleges. Add to this that we travel you your region, and the colleges are free.

I like many kinds of engines, and I can understand why some people select engines like O-200s for their projects. But trust me, Continental Motors is not going to pack a trailer full of test equipment, staff it with an expert, drive to your area, hold a fun gathering, supervise your rebuild, test run it for you, maybe get you a demo flight in the same airframe your building, and send you home with new skills, an engine, and some new friends….all for free.

Neither is Rotax, nor any of the other imports. Those companies are in the engine selling business, which is fine if your goal is to buy something. But if your goal is to learn and become the master of your power plant, then you need to find people who have a long proven track record of teaching aviators.  To a consumer perspective, ‘support’ is a quickly answered email about pricing. To an aviators perspective ‘support’ is the type of learning and training and achievement you will see in 100s of photos below.  Which one you value is determined by the depth of your goals in aviation.


Above, Kevin Purtee and Shelley Tumino receiving The Cherry Grove Trophy at Barnwell (CC#24). They were the local hosts of CC#22 , CC#28 , CC#32, and CC#36.


Click on any color link to read the whole story:


2016 Colleges and Events: 2016 Corvair College registration pages


Outlook 2016, College #36 and Western building tour


Outlook 2016, Corvair College #37 Chino CA, 4/22/16


Outlook 2016, Corvair College #38, Cloverdale CA, 5/6/16


Outlook 2016 – Fall Corv-air-tour


Outlook 2016, Corvair College #39, Barnwell SC, 11/11/16





CC#35 Barnwell SC, November 2015

Corvair College #35 Barnwell builders video.


CC#34, Mexico Mo, September 2015

Photos from Corvair College #34 at Zenith A/C


CC#33, Eustis Florida, April 2015

Corvair College #33, Mid Florida at Eustis Airport, April 17-19, 2015


CC#32 Texas, Feb 2015

Corvair College #32, Texas, 27 Feb. 2015


CC#31 – Barnwell SC – P.F Beck and crew. November 2014

Corvair College #31 in Barnwell, S.C., Nov. 2014


CC#30 – Mexico MO – Zenith Aircraft Co., Sept. 2014

Corvair College #30 Good Times



Above, I give a hands on demonstration of setting the valve adjustment on a Corvair at CC#24. The college training is by hands on training on engines that builders own. We have demonstrations, test runs, flight demos, group conversation and commentary from successful flyers. Most people have their engine on hand, but many come with camera and notebook to absorb information. They are 3 day events, but the run from 8am until midnight. It is all done in a fun loose atmosphere where you can concentrate on any part of the process you wish. Many people think of tech seminars as a Power point presentation at the holiday inn banquet room. Our Colleges are on a very different level of reality.


An overview of previous Colleges:

Corvair College History….in photos


Tech articles for builders headed to a college:

College engine build options for closing the case

Basic Corvair College Skills, examples of learning

College Tech

Running an Engine at a College, required items. #2

Running an Engine at a College, required items. #1


An overview of building a complete Corvair:

Getting Started Reference page


Things to review before running an engine at a college:

Ignition Timimg on Corvairs

Notes on Corvair flight engine oils.

Corvair Oil Change interval….. Lessons part #1

When to check your timing, Lessons learned Pt#2


A sample of engines run at previous colleges:

Corvair College #27 run on film

Corvair College #23, 2700cc Engine, Spencer Gould, SP-500

Corvair College #23, 2700cc Engine, Ray Fuenzalida, KR-2S Builder

Schwartz Engine Runs at CC #22

Shipman Engine at CC#22

Franklin Engine Runs at CC ##22 KGTU Spring Break 2012

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  1. Good morning.
    I am trying to get info on the possible CC on the West Coast. Also, Where and how can I get info on a 3000 cc Corvair in a Europa XS. I have heard that it was done early on by one of the early Corvair pioneers. Of course Europa is adamantly against anything but their recommendations. However if you read the fine print they do say they have flown on other engines as well. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Hank Payne
    Redding Ca.

  2. I’m up here in WA State, but I would vote for Chino, I know the area very well and have friends nearby. October is the month I would vote for. I have two cores that need to be disassembled so I would come to be a “quite” observer.
    Maybe I can get Kurt Fabregas to come?

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