SPA Corvair Assembly Manual



Pictured below is a SPA engine assembly manual. It is a complete step by step checklist guide to putting together a Corvair flight engine in the exact manner at Dan Weseman and Myself teach builders. It is profusely illustrated and very detailed. It took hundreds of hours to document and edit. I brought copies hot from the printer, with me to Zenith and CC#40. It met rave reviews from builders.


It is a complimentary book to my conversion manual. Every builder should have both. With the SPA manual, it is no longer necessary for builders to use a green GM shop manual.


This new manual can be ordered directly from the Sport Performance Aviation LLC products page or call SPA directly at 904 626 7777 to purchase your copy. They have the in stock, ready for shipping.



PLEASE NOTE: For Corvair College #41 and after, I am making it a requirement that any builders doing anything in the assembly phase ( it isn’t a requirement for observing or tear-downs , but anyone holding a ratchet set to righty-tighty must have one of these in their possession. Obviously it will do the most good if builders doing assembly have studied it well in advance of the college. )



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  1. This manual is going to be a BIG help for people, especially those who have never turned a wrench or built an engine of any kind before.

    Highly recommend that builders get this manual. I’ve already heard via “word of mouth” that there’s a section in it that would have directly helped me when I originally built my engine 10+ years ago.

    I have two core engines in my garage, and am looking forward to *applying* this information on an upcoming project…

    Patrick Hoyt

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