How to get thrown out of Corvair College



During the last 40 Colleges we have had only three rules:


No Politics

No Religion

No Communism


Since our national entitlement has become “taking offense” and “calling people out” and let’s not forget the ever pathetic “demanding an apology ” I assume that people will get upset about these without ever asking what they mean. I don’t write of teach for such people, so we can forget them.


The third part has long been explained to people who can read, that we don’t allow the use of Chinese Toque Wrenches. About a half dozen people have wrecked an engine with one, and when these engines failed, I’m sure none of these people stood up at their next EAA meeting and said “Actually it had nothing to do with the Corvair design, I’m just a cheap idiot who chose not to follow William’s directions”


So after 40 colleges no one would try to use one of these at a college right? Guess again. The picture below is from CC#40. A builder brought this “Pittsburgh” harbor freight POS and torqued his case with it. I made him take it apart and redo it with my snap on electronic wrench. When I did this, the builder sheepishly told me he bought it at his local EAA meeting so he thought it was OK. I told him the guy who sold it to him to work on planes was a maggot in my book. Not good enough for his family, but he needed to get his $25 back so he sold it to our guy headed to CC #40.


It was either a sign my anger management training from years ago still works, or maybe I was just real tired, but I didn’t make a giant issue out of this at the time, even after the builder told me he worked

on planes in the USAF, so he knew better. But no one should try me on this from here forward.


If you have one of these, throw it out. Under no circumstances bring it to a college. Because if anyone does from here forward, and tells me “I thought it would be ok” or ” it’s good enough” I am going to throw them out of the college, no delay, no apology, no refund.



Above, the actual “Pittsburgh” item. Unlike the communist piece of shit, I was actually born in Pittsburgh, and I find this offensive that some Maoist in Throw-dung province stole the name of my home town. The only thing these are good for is to get a head start on beating the traffic on the way home from the college.


To say it plainly, if a person can’t follow the most basic instructions I have, and his attitude is “this is just as good” then I’m not interested in trying to teach him anything, nor am I interested in having the Corvair later blamed for his lack of judgement.




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  1. If people would read and re-read your Corvair “bible” & watch your videos over and over again, they would know that the beam-type torque wrench is the “I Ching” of the torque tools. I got mine online from Craftsman for about $30, I think? And, I never use it as a breaker bar! I learned that from you, Professor.

  2. I fully agree. Your college and your rules; you have always wanted what’s best for builders.

  3. What about Chinese food? I have to admit I love the stuff. I do agree with your policy on tools. An aircraft is no place for half measures.

  4. depressing to visit nearly every box store and realize EVERY hand tool in stock was made in PRC.

    William. where can we go for made in the USA tools?

    1. I buy a lot of tools used in pawn shops. They are cheap, clearly marked and available. Snap on for new stuff that counts like torque wrenches.

  5. I’m an automotive mechanic, not aircraft, but:

    If your torque wrench didn’t leave the factory with a certificate of calibration, it might as well be a breaker bar.

    If the craftsman who filled out the certificate faces a harsher penalty for failing to produce than for falsifying a document, the same applies.

    I use a Snap-On Tech Angle wrench for important things, and a Snap-On click-type for less critical stuff.

  6. Howdy WW,

    Like you, my home town has been co-opted and shamed and the name is now associated with crappy products and dishonest business practices.

    I live in Texas and try to ignore that my home for the the first 24 years of my life was Cupertino, California. Home of Apple Computer, so they say…

    When I was a kid, California was a wonderland of beautiful sights and awesome people. In order to not violate your rule number one, I won’t go any further with that discussion…

    I have a few torque wrenches and I have no idea who made them, but I would never use them to assemble a flight engine, or any engine for that matter!

    I am happy to hear you life’s work is improving. I wish I could contribute, but my situation won’t allow building anything.

    Keep up the great work!

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