On to Barnwell


We are now in the home stretch of the 2017 experimental building season

The zenith 25th open house and CC #40 in Texas were big successes. To see stories of these events, look at the Corvair College Facebook page. (It is open to the public, you do not need to be a FB person )

The Sign up for CC #41 in Barnwell, now just a month away is closed. I had its date posed for 10 months, and the sign up was active for 115 days, and it was the only story on this blog for the last 6 weeks. In past years people have complained the notice and the sign up were too short, or the story was buried in pictures of dogs and firearms stories. I listened and adjusted. Notice of 2018 colleges will be out in December, and until then I have a backlog of engine, canine and gun stories to share shortly.



Above, sunrise in Florida this morning, reflected in a rain puddle on the ramp in front of my hangar.




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