Pat and Mary Hoyt’s 601XL, on the cover.


Pat and Mary Hoyt made the cover of EAA experimenter, the association’s on-line homebuilding magazine. Below is the cover. Sebastien Heintz wrote up a link to the story on Zenith Builders and flyers, the factory’s very well supported and organized discussion group that serves several thousand of their builders.


Cover Story: Pat Hoyt and his Corvair-powered Zenith

Pat Hoyt and his Corvair-powered Zenith on the cover of this month’s EAA Experimenter magazine. Here is the link to the whole article:




This is the second Corvair powered plane to make the cover in a year (the Panther was on it a few months ago), 1/6 of the covers is a pretty good showing for the Corvair movement. These stories along with the film on Colleges the EAA staff made are good evidence that Headquarters does have a good take on grass roots flying for rank and file members. The story above contains a link to the full 25 minute film made at Corvair College #27.


For more reading on Pat and Mary Hoyt:


Patrick Hoyt, new Zenith 601XL, now flying, N-63PZ





Above, The five Corvair powered Zeniths that flew into Corvair College #30, all parked for a photo in front of the Mexico terminal. Pat and Mary’s plane in in the upper corner. The engine installation on these planes are clones of the one we developed in our own 601XL more than 10 years ago. Since then, we wrote the installation manual for it, produced hundreds of installation parts like mounts, intakes and exhausts, and have taught 800 people at colleges how to clone our engines. The five planes above are a sample of the success of cloning a proven engine set up.



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  1. Pat and Mary’s 601XL is another example of how well the Corvair works, in this case with a Zenith airframe. The value of building the plane and engine is certainly emblematic of the learn-build-fly approach. They’re great folks with a well deserved telling of their story.


    1. William
      I was visiting another zenith builder today that at some point changed his mind on using the corvair. Of course he tried to persuade me to do the same. Upon our parting company he did admit that building the engine would make me an overall better builder. So even those outside the movement can see the benefits of using this engine. It is also very refreshing to see stories that show a new builder like me it can be done. Loved the article.

  2. Ginger & I had the opportunity to meet Pat & Mary at OSH this past year. They are wonderful people and seeing their beautiful 601XL gave me inspiration to get my Corvairs running for CC#31! You did an awesome job Pat and your love for experimental aviation is infectious! It was nice seeing your work showcased in the Experimenter. Look forward to seeing all of you in OSH again this year!

  3. Don’t know how many have seen my take on CC#31. Not quite EAA quality on the camera work.
    One of my favorite lines in the video is, “oh … airplanes and dogs.” What a great day it was!

    Pat and Mary have a very nice example of what it is to develop a plan and see it through. They, like so many others, will continue to be an inspiration to those who not only dare to dream but have the courage to enter the arena.

    Thank you William for helping to keep it all sorted out …


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