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put this page in your favorites list, as I will be updating it with links to individual stories on each event over the next two months. When friends ask about colleges in 2018, just send a link to this story.  This will be the one stop reference point to a year which will be full of events for Corvair Builders. Click on any blue link to get to the individual story of an event.


For further questions, please tap into our extensive information network, this story covers more than a dozen outlets for accurate Corvair information which we work with: Outlook 2016 – The Corvair ‘Information Network’ now in gear..



Saturday Corvair Club: Here is a link to this new concept; Saturday Corvair Club. In the 12 hours after the story first were up, we hand a half dozen inquires about the availability of cores and possible scheduling. If required, I will open a “B” section to make the experience available to more builders.


Finishing Schools #3 and #4 in Florida: If you have not learned about the finishing schools we have held at the SPA factory, get a look at this story:  Corvair Finishing School #1, Video report. These are primarily aimed at “Engine in a Box” builders, but we have also finished and run a number of well-prepped traditional builds at these events. We have no hard dates at this point, but these events can be rapidly planned and scheduled because they don’t involve us traveling nor the infrastructure of a typical college. If you are interested in EIB engine kits or getting into the next finishing school, call SPA and speak with Rachel 904 626 7777. If you would like to see a sample success story read this: Waiex engine, 3,000 cc / 120HP Corvair of Gordon Turner. 



Corvair Engine building isn’t just for boys. Above, at CC#37, the very petite Kiku Williams hard at work on her 2,700 cc Corvair. Most of our stands and fixtures work for people between 5’6″ and 6’6″. No problem, Kiku just pulled up a step ladder and went to work assembling the bottom end in  her hello kitty shirt. “Motorhead” is a title earned on what you have learned and built, it isn’t an appearance nor image.




Would you like to trade benjamins, plastic or lead?  Above, Larry Nelson’s engine on the bench at Corvair College #34.  Read the story here: Acceptable methods of payment for Corvair parts.


Corvair College 42 the “Southwest College” Right now we are targeting May for an event. We are looking at two different venues, Yuma AZ vs Chino CA.  The first is Larry Nelson’s place, the second is Steve Glovers, where we had CC#37.  There are pros and cons to each, and I’m looking for builder input for the next 45 days as we decide. Both Larry and Steve are excellent marksmen and avid shooters, and it occurred to me that we should just have the two of them meet at a target range half way between Yuma and Chino, and settle the venue question in a manner that I would find fair and interesting, with the side benefit of horrifying the politically correct Rotax 912 crowd. We will keep you posted on how this develops.


Above, Randy Bush of TN stands beside his 3,000cc Cleanex at Oshkosh 2017. It was parked in the Corvair power row directly behind my booth in the North Aircraft display area.


Corvairs at Oshkosh 2018, Every year for the last decade, my booth at Oshkosh has been #616 in the north aircraft display area, right across from Zenith. 2018 will be at the same spot (You rent them a year in advance). We always have a row of parking for Corvair powered planes right behind the tent. Our place and the SPA/Panther booth right next door are an Oasis of traditional homebuilding camaraderie and a gathering point for builders both during the show and after hours. We will also be holding a drawing for a core engine just like last year; Oshkosh 2017 core engine winner.




Above, A 2014 picture of the five Corvair powered Zeniths that flew into Corvair College #30, all parked for a photo in front of the Zenith Factory. We have had 15 years of cooperative and productive relations with Zenith, all for the benefit of builders.


Corvair College 43 The Zenith ‘Invitational” college.  This event will be held in September in Mexico MO, during the 26th annual Zenith open house. We have previously held 4 colleges at Zenith.  Here is what is different: Everyone is welcome to observe, but due to space limitations, the actual wrenching on engines will be limited to 16 builders who will want to ‘approve’ long before the event. We are selecting the builders based on the degree of prep work they are willing to do and the fact we want each engine to be a good example of how we build them and how they run. If you think you would like to be one of the 16, Contact us at SPA so we can talk about it 904 626 7777. More info on this college as it develops.


Texas Fly-in: Shelley and Kevin, who have hosted 5 Texas Colleges, are getting a break this year from the great logistical volunteer effort they put into all of their Colleges.  In recent years we have tried to alternate years holding a College in TX and  at the Zenith Factory. They are 600 miles apart, but either location serves all regional builders.  In place of a TX College, we are looking at having a Corvair Fly in at their location in Tyler Texas in September. More news as this develops.


Corvair College 44, Barnwell for the tenth event there. Barnwell is our flagship College, always held in Barnwell SC on Nov. 11th weekend, which this year will be the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI. This will be a large, Full service College with space for 90 builders. We will open the registration up very early this year to allow builders to make a long range plan for progress.


House Calls: As always I will be making free house calls throughout the year. I have always done this, and it is how I built such a strong following of loyal builders. Most other engine companies never visit builders shops, and no one can hold a candle to my track record on this. Get a look at a few past visits:

House Call Bearhawk LSA; range: 6,250 miles.

Housecall: 3,000 cc Corvair on Waiex

Corvair House Call, Range: 335 miles.

House Call on Pat Green’s 1,000 Hour Pietenpol


Read the stories above, and make plans today. As I write this, the year is almost 1/20 gone. It you want to make it count for you, you must have a plan to get the most out of 2018 and not let it drift past. Be determined, take action.




About William Wynne
I have been continuously building, testing and flying Corvair engines since 1989. Information, parts and components that we developed and tested are now flying on several hundred Corvair powered aircraft. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics and an A&P license from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and have a proven 20 year track record of effectively teaching homebuilders how to create and fly their own Corvair powered planes. Much of this is chronicled at www.FlyCorvair.com and in more than 50 magazine articles.

12 Responses to 2018 Corvair Events Page

  1. Patrick Panzera says:

    Why not both, Yuma AZ AND Chino CA, a week apart?

    • Pat, it is twice as much work and nearly double the time away from my shop as doing one, which will likely serve 90% of the regions builders. When you look at all the events over the year, and realize that they are Free to builders but cost us money in terms of travel and time, and in the case of Oshkosh several thousand for the booth, we are forced to make choices. ww

      • Patrick Panzera says:

        I see. I thought that the majority of the cost would be in travel, and since you were all the way out west anyhow, extending the trip one week would be way cheaper than making two trips. So with that, my vote’s for Chino, please. Either way, I wish you only the best and will do what I can to support either venue.

      • Thanks, it would be great to have you at either place.

  2. Kent Genzlinger says:


    Chino please.


    Kent G.

  3. martin andersen says:

    if the ar10 is in 30 06 can I show up


  4. Dan Branstrom says:

    For the shootout, they could both fly to Salton Sea airport (SAS) that’s about half way between them, out in the desert, where it should not be hard to find a place to set up a shooting range. I don’t know if there’s any laws that would be against it, aside from normal precautions. The elevation is -84 MSL.

    Since we’ve recently had rain here in the desert, I wouldn’t recommend Ocotillo Wells, which is normally a dry lake bed, but rain can change that. I know a guy who didn’t check the NOTAMS. He landed at Ocotillo Wells and stopped suddenly when he broke through the crust. He had to truck his bent airplane out.

  5. TONY CRAWFORD says:

    My vote is for Yuma AZ.

    Thank You,

  6. Ron Gotzler says:

    I would prefer Chlno. I began my Corvair journey there CC 37 and it would be great to finish there. However if you choose Yuma you can still count me in. I want to complete and run my engine in May.

  7. flyalmaguin says:

    As soon as Zenith announces the dates for September, I’ll be there! 🙂

    Jason Ready

  8. Rob Glab says:

    AZ please

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