Looking for Piper PA-22 or 22-108 (Tripacer/Colt) part….


I am putting a regular windshield back in  our Wagabond in place of the 3 piece one the aircraft originally had. I already have the plexiglass windshield itself, but I do not have the metal strip that goes between the boot cowl and the plexiglass.  I could make this out of fiberglass if I really had to, but I would rather save the time and buy an old piper part. Our wagabond started out life as a 1964 Colt, PA-22-108, but I am pretty sure that the PA22 part would fit it also. If anyone has a friend with a pile of Piper PA-22 parts, I would greatly appreciate asking them if they have a spare one of these.

Thanks in advance,-ww.


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