Flying Zenith 750 w/3000cc Corvair, Doug Stevenson, California


Below is a picture of Doug Stevenson’s Zenith 750. It did it’s first flight two years ago, it was the first Zenith 750 to fly on Corvair power. Doug keeps the aircraft at French Valley, in the scenic desert area of inland Southern California.


Doug’s plane is powered by a 3,000 cc Corvair with a Roy bearing. The engine was a joint project done by Roy and myself, completed and test run as a demonstration at Corvair College #18 in Northern California. A few days after the College, I drove down to the other end of the state and delived the engine to Doug, one of hundreds of in-person house calls I have done over the years.

 At CC#18, we focused on builders engines, and as a consequence, It took one extra day to take our time on Doug’s engine. It was a memorable Sunday evening of wrenching, a chance to reflect with Roy about all the things builders had accomplished.  Roy and I finished the engine and prepped it for an early run on Monday, seen above. It fired up after 2 seconds of cranking and ran flawlessly throughout the early break-in period, It was a nice wrap up for the College #18

Above is a photo taken a day or two later at Doug’s place in the southern end of the state. His aircraft is fitted with all of our installation parts for Zenith aircraft. Doug finished the plane just months after I dropped the engine off. He is a very productive builder.

Hats off to Doug Stevenson, Builder of the first Corvair powered 750.-ww

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