Flying Zenith 750, Tom Siminski, 2700cc, PA.


I have been meaning to post a longer story about Tom Siminski’s flying 750, but for now here is a quick glance at a 750 that has been flying since last year.


 Above, Tom’s completed bird. A very sharp-looking plane. It has a 2700cc engine with a Dan bearing and all of our installation components. Tom is flying the plane out of Eastern PA. I first met Tom at CC#14 in Lowell Mass, four years ago. Looking back at the event, many of the people who were there, like Louis Leung and Rodger Pritchard and Tom are now flying. Since then we have held 10 more Colleges, and I have spoken with countless builders along the way. However, two sentences that Tom said as an observation on that day have stuck with me as if he said it 3 minutes ago. I like building engines, working with tools and making parts, but it is working with the builders that is the rewarding part of my work. After a couple of hundred engines, they all begin to look alike, but their builders all remain unique individuals, each with his own perspectives, motivations and observations.

Hats off to Tom Siminski, builder of a flying Zenith 750.-ww.


From our website about Corvair College #14 in 2009:With me above is Thomas Siminski, a highly skilled machinist of the Old School variety. He had some very helpful suggestions about prepping threaded holes that he shared with builders. When I got a chance to speak with him one-on-one later, he impressed me with his broad personal experience from a candid perspective.”


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