JaG-2 Corvair Twin, on cover of Sport Aviation.


Jim and Ginger Tomaszewski’s much celebrated Corvair powered twin JaG-2 has made it to the cover of the March Sport Aviation, along with a feature story inside.

Jim and Ginger brought the plane to Oshkosh 2021, and the EAA gave the aircraft a great parking spot and arranged to have an immediate air to air photo shoot. The assigned to written story to their senior aviation writer, Budd Davisson.

The plane is outstanding in pictures, but in person, it is nothing short of stunning. Jims 9 year build raises the stock of all Corvair builders, and puts traditional homebuilding values of individual creation back where it belongs with the EAA, front and center.



Above, the JaG-2 on the cover.


Last summer, before Oshkosh, Corvair builder and pilot Ken Pavlou made the trip to Jim and Ginger’s airpark home in the mountainous Northeastern Georgia. They gave him a great interview on video, with a lot of insight on Jims goals and design of the plane. You can see the full 26 minute story at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIMVkTk26fw



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  1. Congrats Jim and Ginger, and as well William.
    That’s what EAA has to be about. True home building!
    Not just assembling a couple predrilled panels.
    Building a little twin is an outstanding effort!
    Wishing many happy flying hours and fun with your great creation

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