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Today and tomorrow in Arizona, Corvair builder, pilot and oil analysis expert Larry Nelson will be on hand. He will have his Corvair Powered Zenith 601HDS-TD on hand, the same aircraft that won the longest distance flight to the Zenith homecoming award.

Larry is a very friendly and knowledgeable guy. His day job is working as an engineer for the DoD at the Yuma Proving grounds, but he is also runs our oil analysis program for out entire fleet of Corvair flight engines for all our builders. His understanding of lubricants cuts through all the marketing hype and old wives tales.

Larry has copies of my manuals on hand, both the main Conversion Manual, Zenith Manual, the MOP manual and Pietenpol Weight and Balance manual. These are for sale, so new builders can pick one up from him directly at Copperstate. I appreciate Larry acting as my representative at this event, he is doing this as a volunteer, its the kind of effort that has always been a part of our Corvair community.

Larry has forums today at 10 am and tomorrow at 2pm. If you are there, please stop in and see him.

Thanks, William

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