Zenith 750 install in a Box.


I wrapped this up on my back porch today, It is most of the components to install a Corvair on a Zenith 750. It heads to southern California tomorrow. The order is only a few days old, and truthfully it should have left on Friday because I had everything in stock, I just wanted to take some time to pack it carefully.

Visible is the gray motor mount, and the stainless intake, below it is a new Rotec 34mm TBI Mk,2 , the long box has the STOL nose bowl and the stainless exhaust. Recent inventory increases, all the way down to having specific shipping boxes mean almost all orders will go very quickly. Remember, we don’t take orders for items that are not on the shelf ready to go. If you order it on my shopping page, it’s going, the system is set specifically not to accept payment for anything not in immediate inventory.

Shipping several items together like this has its economy: The 750 mount needs a 40″x30″x30″ box, but there is a lot of left over room for the other items, and the cost dent go up because the weight rarely exceeds the threshold allowed for the volume.


Although the cost to cost shipping on this came up as $322 on UPS’s calculator on my site, we were actually granted an $80 rebate on the shipment by UPS because the package was lighter than their algorithm projected. We refunded this to builder. I’m in the engine education business, I’m not doing this work to mark up shipping costs. If you have questions, call 904-806-8143.


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