First Engine of 2021


First engine of 2021, on my run stand, It needs a 5th bearing oil hose to prime it, but otherwise its about ready to check oil flow to all the rockers and to pre oil it for 15 minutes. Starter goes on in the am, some other details and a break in run in the afternoon. Next week this engine heads to western Canada.

This engine is actually the replacement for the “Jewel of Barnstormers” engine this trusting builder bought sight unseen from a guy in the eastern US. To his credit, and maybe because he understood the next video might use his name and location, he refunded most of the buyers money.

After some phone time, the builder and I came up with this engine as a replacement. It is a 2700cc, It has virtually all of my gold parts on it, but the cost was held down my utilizing some very lightly used stuff that I had in my hangar. I built the engine from having every single part separated and inspected, before reconditioning and careful reassembly. The Jewel of Barnstormers as more than $5K for absolute junk; this engine has finished below $8K for a very solid power plant.

The test run, the compression test and the oil sample will confirm the engine to be in first class shape. a Few hours on the stand and into the crate it goes, along with a new motor mount and a few other items. I good start to a new year in aviation, my 32nd working on Corvair flight engines.

Red oil pans catch the priming oil that will drip off the valve train. Green fuel tank is on brackets that parallelogram to raise it up 12″. The retracted position allows it to go in my trailer. The car is my 1966 Corsa I have owned for 25 years. I restored it in the late 1990s, but it needs it again. The car will do a little more time as a driver, but will not get much attention this year, as I am planning a very busy year in Corvair powered flight.


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