Where are Corvair Builders talking?


A common question asked is “Where is the most active conversation on Corvair Flight engines taking place? Easy answer, it is on my Facebook page “WW Flycorvair”


Before you point out that Facebook is an addictive app made for spying on people in a way that J. Edgar Hoover would have found unethical, let me say that I totally agree, and, yes I find the fact that Mark Zuckerburg is a ‘hero’ to some people in the way Neil Armstrong was a hero to me, repugnant. I can’t fix those things, but I will say there is a lot of discussion activity on my group, it is public, and I have it set so you can read it without a Facebook account. You can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1117842541937300



Above is the actual cover page of my Facebook group. Note that it has 1,200 members. I have written a lot of stuff there, but for 2012, I going to make most things I write first show up here, and then appear on my Facebook page. This will help if this blog is all you read, but you will mis a lot of the discussion posted by other builders. My suggestion? Read both. You can do this and still hold that Mark Zuckerburg is an idiot.


WW jr.

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  1. William,

    Thank You for continuing to post on the blog, and for your plans to post in both locations for 2021. I read both on a weekly basis, but FB comments have been malfunctioning recently, making it impossible to get the value from the “conversation” there in some cases. Still plenty of useful info, but it becomes useless when comments won’t open.

    I have long appreciated your moderated comments here, as I can be assured that the conversation and info is “Accurate”, and not merely “active”. It is also easy to use. I look forward to the forthcoming posts for 2021.

    Since in my mind the “FB is bad, but useful” stuff feels a little like “already a drunk, might as well try meth” kind of advice, I will not be commenting there, but will still read it. As always, the extra legwork you put into helping builders regardless of where they are is a rare and vitally important part of your work.

    Keep up the good work, and thanks.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you William.

    I hate facebook, and continue to think it is a nightmare to try and find things on it. Your blog is my go-to source for new RELIABLE information. I really appreciate that you will be keeping both up to date.

    Bob Krause

  3. William,

    I’m glad to read you are going to start posting information to your blog again. My pet peeve with Facebook is that it is really difficult to access information one may remember from a few weeks, months or years ago. Not so the case with your blog. I often go back and read articles you wrote in the past and it is usually not too hard to find them.


    Doug Wright
    Stillwater, OK

    1. Doug, thanks for the good thoughts, there are times where Im less busy where I can write prolifically , and it is good to know people use the information for a long time

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