Corvair 2,775cc / Kitfox


Pictured below is the Kitfox of Dale Bogard, of northern WI. It has been flying about a year. You can tell at a glance the plane exhibits outstanding workmanship. I’ll do a longer report later, with numbers and details, but for now I would just like to share the images and Dale’s report that the plane has real good performance and is a very smooth flyer.


As a slightly funny side note, several years ago at Oshkosh, a member of the Kitfox company told me he didn’t want anyone putting a Corvair in a Kitfox to use my nose bowl, because it would make the plane “Very Ugly”. In the words of Paul Harrell, ” I’ll let you be the judge” .



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  1. Good Morning.
    i live in brazil, i am building a kitfox 4.
    what is the price of the corvair engine and where do i buy such an engine?
    benedito lopes

    1. Friend, I build a limited number of complete engines, most of the builders I work with are building their own from our parts. Many builders outside the US get started looking at “Engine in a Box” kits from Sport Performance Aviation, they have every single part you will need and simple instructions.

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