2 Replies to “Fun new video on junk engines.”

  1. I relish the opportunity to finally use a word, so often misused in today’s culture, correctly: Incredible, as in ‘Incredible Engine.’ I hope the seller was not so clever, albeit an incredible person, and I hope the buyer, somewhat of an incredible consumer, did not actually advertise the POS as an ‘Incredible engine’, nor purchase based on the incredibly dysfunctional marketing adjective, wait for it………incredible. For you, William, I sincerely hope and pray the next 10 engines that cross your path are the absolute epitome of functional, reliable, flight ready, ineffably engineered and assembled examples. You deserve it. Long life and prosper, best flights, best sunsets, best happiness…again, you deserve it. Oh, and nothing, as far as I might know? Nothing incredible about you. {;^)

  2. The seller should be publicly identified and publicly shamed for being the low life slimeball he apparently is.
    I really feel bad for the buyer because I’m sure his project is now on hold due to lost funds. Obviously the buyer doesn’t have experience evaluating these sort of things and has learned an expensive lesson that HOPEFULLY doesn’t drive him out of aviation.
    But Karma is a bitch, and to the unscrupulous seller I say this: what goes around comes around…….usually two fold.

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