Corvair Fly-in, Shelbyville IL, June 19-21


June 19-21 2020, we are having a gathering of Corvair powered planes at the Shelby County airport, (2HO) in central Illinois.  It is specifically timed to be a part of the Regional Corvair car convention which will be taking place in Springfield. This will not only be an excellent opportunity for builders and flyers to get together in a real grass roots setting, it will also be a great opportunity to get to meet a lot of Corvair car people. I am scheduled to be the guest speaker at their Saturday night banquet, where the theme is the technology and flight connections to Corvairs. The hosts are working to have the Corvairs of several famous Americans from Aviation and Space present at the show, and our fly-in is one of the satellite events that the cars will be driving out to.  This is an excellent opportunity to have a good time 5 weeks before Oshkosh, in a far more relaxed setting. 



We will have many more updates on this event, and a video about it. It will be a regular FlyCorvair event, which means we will have fun, but also a good chance to learn. Im going to encourage people with core engines for sale to bring them, builders with cores to inspect to bring them also, and we will have instruction based on the New – M.O.P. Manual, a required technical document. Put in on your calendar now, it is the kind of classic aviation setting I love, and a fun and productive event.  Don’t miss it. 





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  1. As the convention is in Springfield, Illinois , Lincoln , Illinois , 20 miles away would be a great alternative with a grass and newly paved strip as well as crew cars, etc. I believe you were in the area last year meeting Fred Thomas in Bloomington, about 30 miles north of Lincoln.

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  2. Hi William,

    Thanks for the heads-up phone call. I’ll see you at 2HO in June. I’ll bring my 3.0 engine so it can be run.

    Jerry Thomas

  3. Hi William,
    The Corvair convention in Springfield has been cancelled for 2020. Do you know the status of the Corvair Flyi-In at Shelbyville? Thanks.
    John Weigel

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