Sources of Information, a new video.


Here is the latest video, “Sources of Information”. The content covered the main paths we use to share our experience with builders. The presentation of the video can be credited to Phil Maxson who set up my green screen studio here at my place in Florida, and Ken Pavlou who does all the editing from his place in Connecticut. Now if I can only find the right level of coffee which will allow me to speak smoothly  without the appearance of being intermittently electrocuted.






Another post on information resources that builders should read, a bit dated but still useful:


Outlook 2016 – The Corvair ‘Information Network’ now in gear.

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  1. Good information showing how the program grows. As to the coffee, in the 30s there was a brand known as “Radio Coffee”. The logo showed a radio tower with stylized electrical charges emanating from the transmitter tower.

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