Thought for the Day Video: Homebuilt Travels.


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“They are both moving books, but you will find that almost no one with an opinion has even read the book of their champion, far less read both. Instead they were all too willing to simply listen to media, (who in most cases never read the books either)  and simply parrot the opinions and pathetically shallow commentary of their media branch which offers them warm fuzzy validation.  They hold opinions, based solely on opinions.” -from Thought for the Day: Opinions based solely on Opinions




4 Replies to “Thought for the Day Video: Homebuilt Travels.”

  1. Hey William, Im on my 3rd read of stick and rudder and every time I read it i come away with a new gem of understanding about flying and how to fly airplanes, it explains many things that my flight instructor never explained, to me a lot of learning to fly an airplane was just monkey see monkey do. I guess that is good to develop muscle memory which is important but knowing the science behind it for me brings a new dimension to flying. I had know of the existence of this book for a long time but I never thought about reading it until you recommended it. Again thanks for helping me to expand my knowledge of flying.

  2. Thank you for hammering it in, William. Knowledge paired with real understanding and insight is what brings true satisfaction and safe handling. Sad, but many people will settle for superficial, look-a-like knowledge. Used to think some people were merely untrained in using their brains to potential, but I am no longer so sure..

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