New video on Rotec carbs for Corvairs.


Here is a new video, discussing Rotec TBI carb applications to Corvair engines:




Above, A Rotec TBI running a 3,000cc Corvair on may test stand last year. This is also an intake manifold evaluation, this is a special intake , it is for tricycle gear Corvair powered SPA panthers.



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2 Replies to “New video on Rotec carbs for Corvairs.”

  1. Great follow up to your previous post. I was concerned it only applied to pressure feed setups due to the “tbi” but didn’t ask on the last post. Question answered without being asked! Thanks William.

  2. I know people who run those carbs on extremely high powered turbocharged motorcycle engines. They all say the tune-ability is better than anything else.

    That should be all anyone needs to know.

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