3602F Rotec 34mm Mk. II TBI Carburetor


3602F Rotec 34mm Mk. II TBI Carburetor

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This is an outstanding carburetor, based on the initial Ellison design. It works equally well as gravity feed or pump fed. It directly mounts to any of my intake manifolds. Although it is referred to as a “Throttle Body Injector” it is technically a diaphragm control, flat slide, float less carburetor. It will not pickup if subjected to negative G’s. It has full authority mixture control, and is known for very accurate mixture distribution. The ‘button’ on the diaphragm can be used as a primer, and the carb also has a bypass port to further prevent hard starting when hot. An affordable, brand new carb, in production many years and based on a very well proven design. I am a US service center for these carbs, so they need not be returned to the factory if any service is ever required.-Made in Australia.

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