Corvair College #45, Nov. 14-16 Deland Florida.


This is the first official announcement of the details of Corvair College #45, which will be held this November 14-16th in Deland Florida. We are doing this by special arrangement at the Deland Sport Aviation Showcase. (  I have working most of the year with Jana Filip, the director of the Showcase, and this will be a productive College in really motivating setting. 


For the last decade, our November flagship Corvair Colleges have been held in Barnwell SC.  These were spectacular events, for a look check out this video made by a professional EAA film crew dispatched to cover #27: New EAA video on Corvair College. All great things do pass, and the Barnwell crew has more than earned their place in Corvair history, and a well deserved stand down. This year, we are holding our flagship College in Deland, about 75 miles south of us.


I’m getting this notice out now, because we are just 83 days away, and if you are heading to the College, today is the day to get a plan in gear. If you want to build a motor or advance your project, you will need parts, and now is the time to check in with SPA so they can make sure you take delivery of all the stuff you will need. Calling in or ordering on line is actually more important than the sign up, which we will have next week.


.Above, I give a hands on demonstration of setting the valve adjustment on a Corvair. We have now been holding Corvair Colleges for 20 years. They are outstanding opportunities to learn.



Above is a really good video which Rachel shot and edited at a previous Barnwell Corvair College. It is an excellent look at builders having a fun, productive time.



Colleges are a lot of fun. Bill “Snow suit” Beauvais, does his best “Captain Morgan” pose with his minutes old Pietenpol engine.To get a look at this tradition, read: “Captain Morgan” Contest at #39



 Get a good look at David Koshinski’s smiling mug. This is the face of a very happy man. What produces this expression? The satisfaction of having an engine that you built with your own hands, an engine you really understand,  lay down a perfect break in run. This will be available at #45 for builders who decide to act and advance their project this year.




Is there an on line sign up for this College?

Yes, I will have a link to it posted here within a week.


Is there a fee for this College? 

Yes, Signing up on line for College #45 is required, The on line link will have the pricing, which will include a three day all access pass to the DeLand Showcase. Many previous Colleges have had catered food, but for #45, we are encouraging all people attending the College to patronize the food vendors who will be right on site at the Showcase. The technical support we offer at the College is provided without cost to builders, the costs of the College on line just represent the entry fee and costs of the very large commercial tent which the Showcase management are providing for us. We only have 45 slots available for the College, make sure you sign up early.


 Will there be a chance to build an ‘Engine in a Box’ at this College?

Yes,  builders who would like to buy, assemble and test run a 3.3L “engine in a box kit” at this event can. For an overview of the 3.3 engine read this story: Build a 3.3L Corvair at the May 18-20 Workshop/Open house. You can also select one of the smaller kit engines. If you are interested in one of these motors, do not delay, please Contact Rachel at SPA/Panther at 904-626-7777, so yours can be ready.


OK, my project needs progress, what do I do? 

First, call SPA at 904-626-7777, or call my number 904-806-8143. We will be glad to speak with you about making sure you are prepared for the event. Making plans early is the key to making progress at the event. At the last hour of a College, prepared builders often say some version of ‘I can’t believe how much I learned and accomplished.’ No one has ever followed that statement by saying ‘I regret being smarter and advancing my goals.’


Keep in mind:

 We will also be glad to transport for parts like cases cranks and heads back to our shops.  Even if you are just planning on having these worked on a few months later, sending them back with us gets them in the system and gets the ball rolling.


Will you be test running the motors?

Yes. We will have my test stand with us, and perhaps run as many as 15 of the engines being worked on.  The goal is positive exposure and progress, but above all else, learning.


Will there be flying Corvair Powered planes there?

Yes, we have already heard from 7 Corvair powered planes planning on attending. The Showcase arrangement allows for easy demo rides and demonstrations, something virtually impossible at Sun n Fun or Oshkosh.


Is there on site Camping? are their Motels? 

Yes. The airport has good camping for people who fly in, but we are looking at designating a local campground off the airport where Corvair College people can gather.  The town is a mile from the airport, and it has a number of hotels and motels. Do not wait too long to plan, they fill up, the Showcase website has maps and lists of places.


 For more general information and Corvair College Links:

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Basic Corvair College Skills, examples of learning

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Running an Engine at a College, required items. #2

Running an Engine at a College, required items. #1


About William Wynne
I have been continuously building, testing and flying Corvair engines since 1989. Information, parts and components that we developed and tested are now flying on several hundred Corvair powered aircraft. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics and an A&P license from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and have a proven 20 year track record of effectively teaching homebuilders how to create and fly their own Corvair powered planes. Much of this is chronicled at and in more than 50 magazine articles.

11 Responses to Corvair College #45, Nov. 14-16 Deland Florida.

  1. Charles K. Black says:

    It has been a week! I am ready to sign up.

  2. Looking forward to signing up!

  3. rabieskillsu says:

    looking forward to signing up!

  4. I am/was about ready to pull the trigger on a 3.0L EIB with a new billet crank, and was hoping I could make some assembly progress at this CC. Things might not align though – unfortunately SPA is out of the billet cranks for a 3.0 – availability is about 6 months out. That was the biggest kicker. I wasn’t thinking about going 3.3 (those cranks are available). I suppose I could just go with the recon crank (those are also avail). I guess I would want a reality check/gut check on the true reliability of the recon cranks in a 3.0L. Also, cases on hand don’t have studs, so I’d have ship one down – not a problem. But then I was told that “From my understanding the Corvair College in DeLand is not going to be an assembly college.”

    • I’m sorry I posted that comment. I am no where near ready to mount an engine, so I’m going to stop being in such a rush. I would still like to attend this CC, but just bring down cases, heads, and other parts to be evaluated and hand off to SPA for machining. I think I’ll wait for the billet crank for the 3.0L, and use the time getting other parts ready.

    • Kevin , call or text me today we will hammer out a plan.🙂 904 806 8143

      • William, thanks for speaking with me. I really appreciate that you took your time to give me your thoughts and insight. I look forward to hear what you’re planning for November. In the meantime, I’ll be attempting to box up a case and get it to SPA for machining needed for a 3.0L.

  5. Rodney Spooner says:

    Looking forward to CC in FL with my brother.

    Registration, don’t fail me now!

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