New Video: E/P and E/P-X Ignitions.


Through the magic of the internet, A grease monkey in Florida can work with a genius in Connecticut just by texting and Volia!, a new video appears in cyberspace……maybe you can make a unicorn…..


Video is up, you can see it at this link:



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Thank You, William.




5 Replies to “New Video: E/P and E/P-X Ignitions.”

    1. Andy, I can tell you didn’t watch enough of it . Two inconsequential parts are low resolution, it was a transmission issue from me to Ken 90% of the material is in sharp focus.

  1. Hey William,

    I’m starting to get concerned because it seems to me you are actually getting accustomed to the 21st century!!

    Videos are excellent. Great to see your process for setting up the distributor. I used one of these years ago when I was an automotive apprentice. Good equipment lasts forever.


  2. WW,
    I’ve always enjoyed the site and I’ve been very impressed with the quality of the videos you’re adding. Please keep up the good work.

    Subscriber #450


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