‘STOL Bowl’ availability starts tomorrow.


A long awaited image below; that is six of my new “STOL Bowl” nose bowls next to my truck outside the loading bay at the SPA factory. These are now boxed up and ready for shipment.  We are now at a regular production rate of 5 per week coming out of the new mold.  We will update the products page in a day with pricing to reflect this availability.



Above, after many months of development, we now have regular production. This part, #4201-B, will be the new “Standard” part, and it supersedes the #4201 for all applications. There is no appreciable drag penalty on Corvair planes flying below 140mph, and the “B” model does have a significant cooling advantage. Starting tomorrow, the products page will reflect these status changes to 4201 and 4201-B, and we will have the new bowls available at an introductory price.


More news shortly.




2 Replies to “‘STOL Bowl’ availability starts tomorrow.”

  1. How well would one of these work and look on a Pietenpol? Would leveraging this design for a Piet offer any advantage of build simplicity or proven reliability? Thank you!

  2. Hi William. I have been thinking the same thing that Mark brought up. Nose bowl on a Piet? Not meant to be funny but looking for a good cooling system

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