3,000cc Corvair, Video #2


OK, now you know I’m not kidding about being a knuckle dragging troglodyte around computers. Good thing I have the charm of David Niven, the wardrobe of Sinatra and the dance floor skills of Fred Astair .


Video #2, 3,000cc Corvair in my yard today, idling smoothly at 700rpm.



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  1. Smooth as glass. Great video. Also love your porch for having Mint Julips.

  2. What is your idle speed recommendation when engine is installed on flying aircraft?

    1. Keith, Usually 800-850. Depends on the installation. You want it low enough that it does not extend your ground roll significantly, but high enough that under no circumstances can it be made to stall by snapping the throttle open, particularly with the carb heat on full.

      1. William, have it set at 800 when when fully warm. Never gives any hint of wanting to quit, with carb heat on during roll out, but the Panther does like to roll for ways on hard surface landings. Final 65-70 with touchdown at 55-60.

      2. Keith, Dan would be your most direct input on this. Although I have directly observed 9-10 panthers land in front of my house, 3 of them Corvair powered, they were all in grass. Dan should be your best panther specific input.

  3. Direct drive six cylinder. You are not a gearhead if you don’t love that sound.

    My 3L will idle smoothly at such a low rpm that my Cruzer will remain stationary on glare ice !!


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