Why buy American?


Get a good look at the picture below. In the center are 20 AN7 bolts, 20 AN363 nuts, and a bag of NAS nuts. This is hardware I use in engine parts kits I sell like 2400-L Starter. Surrounding this hardware is the actual material certifications that came with just this order. Although they sell the same kind of hardware, I don’t buy the stuff from Aircraft Spruce, I have a 20 year commercial account with Monroe Aerospace, and they supply serious operations which require the full certs on all hardware. I don’t really need it, but it provides beyond any doubt, the hardware is good, made in the US, and backed by real companies. Each of the documents are legibly signed and dated by real human beings. In this country, you can go to jail for faking a material cert, and if it caused an accident, the justifiable liability would destroy any of the companies who’s name is on the letterhead. This is why US manufacturing of aerospace products is real, and why it contrasts with events like all the Cessna 162 wings produced in China being junk, and eventually sinking the entire Skycatcher program. They do not live in a culture that respects integrity like we do.



Blow up the picture if you like, you can read the company names, it even includes the shops that did the plating on the hardware, and even where the steel was manufactured. If anyone thinks anything like this exists for Experimental aviation parts produced in China, they are a fool. Yes some may produce paper, but no rational person believes the manufacturing culture in China respects integrity as we do. We are not perfect, but there is no comparison.


Before someone who has forgotten that I grew up in Asia accuses me of being a xenophobic nationalist, just try this test: Find any practicing lawyer, and ask them to explain this: Imagine a fatal accident, caused by a defective bolt. If the bolt was made in the US, there would be a ‘discovery phase’ where the attorney for the dead person has a right to gather the manufactures records and depose the manufactures employees. Now, have the lawyer explain how this would be impossible if the part was made in China, and how, if it is a state owned business, the Chinese government is never going to allow the investigation. US manufactures don’t make shitty parts and then lie on material certs, not just because they are good humans, but because they don’t want a 10 year vacation in gated community, nor do they want to have their company rightfully sued into oblivion. These are not a deterrent at all to Cultural Revolution Fasteners from Throwdung province. And that is why any part you get from me has US made hardware.




We moved to Asia right after the first Moon Landing. The government of the Peoples Republic of China had a propaganda campaign in Asia telling everyone the landings were completely fake, rather than admit that Chairman Mao’s efforts at technical innovation were not the same as NASA’s. ……Here is how it comes full circle: This month, The film “First Man” about Neil Armstrong going to the moon is released. Canadian Ryan Gosling, who was born 11 years after the event, is making a giant publicity tour, and claiming that they intentionally omitted Armstrong planting the American flag on the moon, because Armstrong really didn’t think of the Apollo program as an American endeavor. Buzz Aldrin, who was right there with Armstrong on the moon, and I trust knew Armstrong better than actor Gosling, Says this is total bull shit, and the more likely explanation is the Chinese funding that is flowing into Hollywood, along with not wanting to ‘offend’ the international audiences and all the revenue you could get by showing the film in China, were all the people were taught the whole program was fake. Gosling will make millions from the film, and for it he must act as an errand boy for his slave masters who want to erase the quintessential American achievement of the 20th century. When you buy a part made in China, stop and consider what passes for honesty in the land of Chairman Mao, and in Hollywood.


Love, wewjr.



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  1. By excluding that one critical scene they have lost me, I would never pay to see it nor watch it when it flops on the big screen and hits television!

  2. God bless you for writing this, William. I couldn’t agree with you more and thank you for promoting made in the USA products. It’s good for the country and makes us all safer for several reasons.

  3. Just because it has a US return shipping address doesn’t mean all is well. I worked for a company that distributed many types of torque wrenches along with lots of other hand tools. Some companies we sold to required calibration certificates with the torque wrenches. So they did it the China way. Printed up fake certificates with fake torque numbers. Had the one manager grudgingly sign off on them. They put calibration stickers on all the wrenches and off they shipped.

    A year later, the torque wrenches would get sent back for “re-certification.” Rinse and repeat same process. Charge customers lots of dough for the efforts.

    Then when they wanted to get their ISO9000 stamp of business approval, they went so far as to actually buy a rather complicated looking used torque testing device with lots of dials and other stuff. Nobody had any clue how to use the thing. They stuffed it in a cabinet until “inspection” day came around. Miraculously it wound up on the bench surrounded by torque wrenches as “proof” that things were being checked.

    They got their ISO9000 rating, after taking the inspection guy out for adult entertainment the prior weekend.

    The two main guys at this company were both former law enforcement from a state that you probably are pretty familiar with.

    Needless to say, if I get something with a “cert,” I pretty much assume it is just part of the packing material.

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