JAG-2, Corvair Twin, Photos, Videos and Drawing.


Below is some further information on Jim Tomaszewski’s Corvair powered twin which took its first flight two days ago.




Above, a look at the glass cockpit and the fully detailed interior.




Above, a look at the engine controls on the console and a better look at the interior finish.




Above, the rear quarter view.




Above, A side view of the paint design to be applied after phase one testing




Videos of taxi testing…




Video of first flight…



Jim and Ginger agreed to bring the plane to my booth at Oshkosh after it was completed and tested, so everyone will be able to see it in person next summer.  Something to further demonstrate the capability of the Corvair, and the caliber of people who are in our community of traditional homebuilders.


Because I have an odd sense of humor,  I asked Ginger to dress as Lucy VanPelt from the ‘Peanuts’ comic strip. I want to make her a replica of Lucy’s outdoor psychiatric help stand to have next to the JAG-2 on display. The banner will be amended to say “Psychiatric Help for Chronic Negativity, 5 Cents.” 



9 Replies to “JAG-2, Corvair Twin, Photos, Videos and Drawing.”

  1. Exceptional workmanship and a really good looking aircraft. Enjoyed the video except they weren’t long enough. I just can’t get enough of hearing one Corvair let alone two in harmony!

  2. A great looking (and sounding) project. Congratulations on completing and flying your dream! I look forward to reading about and hopefully viewing your airplane soon.

  3. EAA really needs to do a big write up with photos on this one. I spoke to him last time I was at your tent @OSH and he’s an extremely sharp & very friendly guy. I really admire him; he’s accomplished more than most people do in a lifetime.

  4. This is what I would call a true experimental aircraft. I’m sure some of the Van’s people are sneering. I’m cheering…Go Jim and Ginger! I can’t wait to get to Oshkosh next year and see it.

  5. I’m not sure a big EAA write-up will be understood by all. I’ve just read ‘Amphibian Story’ and ‘The Hypocrisy Of Homebuilders’ again and for the umpteenth time. We all get the JAG – it’s a truly magnificent achievement – but then we all congregate here for a reason. The owner didn’t wave his cheque book in the air; he rolled up his sleeves and got on with the job.

    Sorry about the spelling of cheque, comes of being an Englishman!

  6. I wonder if you ever seen custers channel wing in the museum in reading pa


  7. Do you know what prop hubs they’re using? I see the pitch control in the cockpit. That was my first question when I saw this. How did they figure out in-flight adjustable without taking out a second mortgage or selling a kidney? It seemed anyone that could afford CS props could afford certified engines and that’s why we don’t ever see them on conversions, at least as far as the forums would have you believe. Either way I was genuinely happy to see this! My first rc kit way back when was a baron 58, and I’ve had it in my head that I’m going to homebuild a twin ever since, damn the haters.

    1. It has Fixed props now, it may have electric CS props later. It may not need them to meet the goals. Jim could afford any motor he likes, he selected Corvairs because he likes them .

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