JAG-2 Corvair powered twin; Now Airborne.


Jim Tomaszewski called this afternoon to say he took his Corvair powered twin, the JAG-2 for its first flight. It was a carefully planned 15 minute test flight the went flawlessly. The two things he commented on was it having enough power to leave the ground in just 600′ and the smoothness second only to a turbine engines.  Jims observations are backed by more than 15,000 hours in multi engine aircraft.  I have seen old pictures of twin Corvair projects, but as far as I know, this is the first one to fly in the 58 years of Corvair powered flight. 


Over the years that Jim worked on this project, he has been cheered on by the Corvair community, but it was something of a lighting rod for many negative comments from internet keyboard warriors, particularly from Van’s aircraft owners. While the aircraft does share some parts with the RV-6/7A aircraft, Jim has always directly said it was not a Van’s product, it was his design, and he was solely responsible for its outcomes. I find that attitude to be at the very core of what it means to be an American Aviator. The willingness to follow your creative drive while accepting the full responsibility is exactly what Teddy Roosevelt meant in his “Man in the Arena” speech. Today Jim has very effectively demonstrated the reward of being that Man, and the wide and permanent gulf which exists himself and petty critics who Roosevelt called “those cold and timid souls.”



A recent photo of the JAG-2.  ( The name is an abbreviation of “Jim and Ginger” ) For an in depth look at the origins of the design and Jim and Ginger’s work at Corvair Colleges, follow this link: JAG-2 Corvair Twin, running on film


Over the next few days Jim is going to have a more detailed announcement and include links to videos of the flight. For today he just wanted to call and share the moment. Far from being centered on himself, he was full of gratitude for the assistance of Grace and myself, and also Rachel and Dan Weseman at SPA. He additionally wanted to thank our old friend Arnold Holmes, the DAR from Florida who flew to NY to inspect the plane and issue the airworthiness cert. But above everyone else, Jim wanted it clearly understood that it has been the continuous and direct support of his wife Ginger who has always been the irreplaceable element in the path to the success of the aircraft. 




Feel free to use the comments section to congratulate Jim and Ginger. 


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  1. Amazing accomplishment by a man willing to stand by the results of his own mind and hands – motivator to us all! And a reminder to stand by those who provide the support we need for these long, transformative journeys. Congrats on a job very well done.

  2. What can really be said but… WOW! Congratulations on the confirmation of a job well done. May this airplane bring you many years of safe enjoyment, not just in the flying itself but especially in all the wonderful people, places, and events it will help you to experience along the way. Looking forward to seeing more details soon!

  3. J&G, too cool! What an endurance event! What a testimony to your skills and wisdom to have a ‘0’ event first flight! And such a cool looking design! JAG-U-R an amazing inspiration. Cheers!

  4. I can’t wait to see the video, especially the grin I know was on his face once he got back to celebrate.

  5. Congratulations! You have shown, and no doubt experienced, the truth that the “arena” is where one’s true mettle is tested, and I hope you have many hours of enjoyment in this unique flying machine. A superb achievement that may inspire someone else to follow.

  6. This is fantastic. I’ve been very interested in this project ever since William first talked about it. Great to know you are flying it now!

  7. I met Jim and Ginger at a college, great people. Congratulations to both of you on this success of your flight!! Dan-o

  8. Congratulations Jim and Ginger, I was at the Corvair College in Barnwell SC when you were assembling your engines. We all who were their talked with you about your project and wished the best. Good to see a completed project, maybe it will inspire other to do likewise.

  9. Really glad to see that Jim and Ginger have achieved this milestone.Having had the opportunity to visit with them on several occasions just makes the result that much more meaningful.
    The effort is genuinely a cut above what many think building an airplane is all about.
    Congratulations Jim and Ginger and continue enjoying the ride!

    Harold and Edi

  10. I have followed the story of this project since I first heard of it. I had the honor of meeting them at a Barnwell College, and they are the best sort of people. Always eager to share the details of their project, but just as enthusiastic and supportive of their fellow builders. Best of all, we needn’t worry, as they are completely unaffected by the naysayers who never fly beyond the reach of a keyboard. I have hopes for future projects by others, including myself, but the JAG will always be one that stands out as one that was an inspiration to me. Looking forward to seeing it in person, after a textbook phase 1, and hearing the two Titans of Tonawanda it tight formation in a cloudless sky.
    I am so happy for Jim and Ginger, Congratulations on a job well done!

  11. I love the creative and courageous spirit of homebuilt aviation. Like John Thorp’s T-18, Jim and Gingers JAG-2 is a beautiful thing.

  12. Very nice. My son is building a plane and thinking about using a Corvair engine . I have seen a single engine
    Corvair fly which was interesting.
    I would like to hear the sound of
    twine engine Corvair.

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