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  1. Dear William,

    Your Thought exposes a primary issue for people today, without saying it. I do a lot of consulting these days for clients who have lots of super-eager newly minted MBAs. They call it “lack of agency.” If you don’t first decide, beyond a shadow of doubt, that only you are responsible for the process and the outcome of your life — that you are the agent of your own success — you’re easy prey for industries that exist to sell you things.

    David Josephson

    1. So the “industries that exist to sell you things” have a vested interest in nurturing as much “lack of agency” with their media advertising as possible. Interesting.

      1. Exactly. My main work (past 30 years, now with a crew of 7 plus some local machinists) is making microphones, that are used for recording music, film sound, etc. The vast majority (I refrain from calling them the half-vast majority) of potential customers have mostly migrated to microphone-less recording using apps like Garage Band. Not only work less, and think less, but sense less and feel less. It’s no wonder that the average pilot doesn’t “get” flying beyond point A to point B. What are you going to do about it?

  2. Well said. Scratch builders such as myself might be prone to want to point out the inevitable costs associated with ANY project in response to this statement, but such a response would betray the obvious intent being expressed here. Consumerism goes far beyond the simple reality that things cost money, being instead the monstrous thought-control apparatus driving today’s American public to mindlessly spend money in response to every single stimulus the media can invent to throw at it. Buy new! Buy new! Buy new!, along with Work less! Work less! Work less! THAT’s the indoctrination. Well said William.

      1. HA! And yet one wonders if “think less” might not be upstaged by “think wrong”. Great post William!

  3. William it appears that you have spent a week surrounded by the trolls of consumerism and buy in a box mentality. I wonder where you could have been last week. Maybe some kind of consumer trade show that catered to snake oil salesmen, along with the internet trolls that decided to exit the basement of their parents home and insist they are the masters of the aviation world, well at least they are in FlightSim X.

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