Oshkosh and Brodhead, 2018


We are less than 2 weeks away from two summer events: Oshkosh, the worlds largest airshow, and Brodhead, the epitome of grass roots aviation. I will be at both events. Although they are a once a year opportunity to see a number old friends, my primary mission is to meet builders, both in progress and just getting started, and answer their questions on the Corvair.


Although they are busy events, I put a serious effort into personally speaking with as many builders as possible. You will not find anyone in industry who mans their booth at Oshkosh earlier, nor stays later in the evening than I do. Many people regard it as a 9-5 event, but I’m frequently on hand from 7am-12PM. If you stop by the booth with a question, and find me speaking with someone else, please know that it isn’t rude to walk up and introduce yourself. I have no old friend nor industry professional who’s conversation is more important than than the most basic builder question. I am traveling  1,300 miles to get to Oshkosh in a 32 year old truck, I pay several thousand dollars year in advance for the space, and my mission is to speak with builders. If you have questions, please ask them, otherwise I’m just traveling a very long way with a lot of stuff to get a very expensive sunburn. Let’s make it count for both of us.

Location: my booth is “#616 in the North Aircraft Display area. This is the same place where it has been for a decade. It is right across from Zenith Aircraft, and 100′ from Van’s Aircraft. If you need rough directions, it is right adjacent to the Warbirds area. If you are looking in the book, I’m listed under the “F’s” to FlyCorvair.Com. My Forums can be found by searching “Corvair” or William Wynne”. 


Friday, July 20th: Set up at Oshkosh:

I’m planning on arriving at Oshkosh around noon on this day. I’m meeting Terry Hand at the site, and unpacking my trailer and setting up the tent and the booth, If anyone is inclined to assist, it will be much appreciated. Because 1,300 miles in an old truck without air-conditioning isn’t a enough itself, I’m spending 4 hours just before I depart Florida having two root canals. You can question my sanity, but not my commitment to aviation.


Saturday July 21: Visit to Brodhead:

Terry and I will head down to Brodhead either Late Friday night or very early Saturday. I am speaking in the afternoon before dinner, but I will be on the grounds and available to speak with any builder present. I will be very glad to look at any part or core motor any builder brings. I have spoken with the Pilots of several Corvair powered Pietenpol’s who will be at Brodhead. If you like grass roots aviation, don’t miss it. It is a non-commercial event put on very professionally by the local EAA Chapter. There is no admission, it is very friendly and low key. If you are bringing a child, or just someone acting like one, keep in mind that Brodhead is very relaxed, but it goes without saying that visitors need to be respectful guests there.


Sunday July 22 : Return to Oshkosh:

We will be heading back to Oshkosh on Sunday. There are always things to do the day before the show, but I don’t mind speaking with a builder if that is the only day he has. Keep in mind, this is the set up day for almost all exhibitors, and technically the show is not open yet. Be patient with exhibitors, many of them have traveled a long way, and are under significant pressure to have a successful event, one which can be 30% of a years sales, in a single week.


Monday July 23 First day of Oshkosh:

First regular day of the show. My first forum:

First Forum 11;30 am Workshop Classroom C 

at nearly all other times I will be in my booth #616


Tuesday July 24th:

Regular day at the show where I will open my booth a little after 8am and be there late into the evening.


Wednesday July 25:

Regular day at the show where I will open my booth a little after 8am, head to my Forum, and return to the booth .

Second Forum : 8:30 am Homebuilders Hangar (aircraft spruce hangar) 

In the evening the Panther and Corvair people all gather for a cookout right next to us.

SPA cook out at booth #615 6:00 pm :

Keep in mind this requires a reservation and a ticket, Stop by their booth early in the week and get signed up. It is a big event drawing about 100 people, a very nice dinner before the night airshow.


Thursday July 26:

Regular day at the show where I will open my booth a little after 8am and be there until departing for the Zenith dinner at 6:00 pm

Zenith Banquet 7:00 pm at the elks club. Stop by their booth for details. I never miss this evening event.


Friday July 27:

Regular day at the show where I will open my booth a little after 8am and be there late into the evening.


Saturday July 28:

Busiest day of the show.  I will open my booth a little after 8am and be there late into the evening.


Sunday July 29th,

last day of Oshkosh 2018. I will get started a little after 8:00am, but it is an abbreviated day, it is slow, and we begin packing up around 2:00pm. When the show ends at 5:00, I greatly appreciate any help available taking down the tent and packing up the trailer.



Q: Will I have manuals for sale? 

Yes, I never leave home without them.


Q: If I bring my core motor and parts, will you look at them?

Yes, I always conduct parking lot tours.


Q: If my parts are good, will you take them back to FL for rebuilding and conversion?

Yes, My trailer has a useful load of 4,900 pounds, and the truck can carry 3,200 more. If two people with 50% Spruce Goose projects both want me to bring their core engines back, I can still do this.


Q: In your booth is it a good for anyone idea to: talk politics, praise the Chinese Government, tell people they don’t like Teddy Roosevelt but worship Steve Jobs, say they really love driving their Prius to Starbucks for a “Venti half calf Mochachino”, blab on their cell through our National Anthem, say things like “who cares about American workers, I keep my Mercedes in my gated community” ,  make any comment implying the Apollo program was fake or that 9/11 was done by bankers from Zurich, or neither Ferdinand Porsche or Verner Von Braun were ‘real’ Nazis, or that Devotion to the ideals of America is an antiquated concept.

No, none of these are a good idea to try in my booth. They have actually all been tried before, with predictable results. I’m actually a pretty thick skinned guy, and don’t expect most people to see things the way I do. Again, keeping in mind the mission is to speak with builders about Corvair engines, I want the limited time we have to be focused on engines. We have always kept this basic idea at the Corvair Colleges, and it has served us pretty well.

I have a personal perspective on America, taught to me by my father’s personal example, covered in this essay: Patriotism has no Party .





Above, Oshkosh 2015. My booth always has this 4’x10′ sign prominently on display, it is easy to see from a long way off. The booth is packed at peak times of the week, but there are also many hours for one on one conversation. In the photo I am standing on the display conducting a Q&A on Corvairs for a large group of builders. If you look closely at the photo you can see ScoobE in the arms of 3,000cc Corvair/Kitfox builder Mike Marury. Because the dog is looking right at the camera, you can tell Grace took this photo.




5 Replies to “Oshkosh and Brodhead, 2018”

  1. Safe travels William, it sounds like it will be a long trip. If you get a moment, stop and say hi at Brodhead, I think this will be my last trip there. I know my grandpa would have been so pleased to know you and see all you have accomplished.

  2. William, your devotion to Corvair builders never ceases to amaze me, keep up the good work my friend.

  3. William
    I had planned on flying into Brodhead on Saturday to meet with you and look at some examples of Corvair conversions, but as my Irish luck would have it, my airplane developed a cylinder problem yesterday so it will be down for awhile. I know you’re not waiting with baited breath in anticipation of my appearance but when I tell someone I’ll be there and can’t make it, I won’t sleep until I let them know. So there, now I feel better.
    Mike O’Rourke

  4. It was nice to finally meet you and attend a forum! My build isnt your typical corvair build (ultravair) but i eventually plan to build my other core engine up for duty in a flybaby. Anyone who says you arent a hospitable person must have broken the “no politics, religion, ect” rule and paid the price!

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