HV-2000 Rear Oil Cases


Pictured this morning in the hangar, a dozen HV-2000 High Volume rear oil Case assemblies in process. The closer ones are mostly through cleaning, all of them have already had the machine work modifications on the mill. I work them through the process in blocks of 10-12, when they are done they are inspected, packaged and taken to the SPA/Panther factory for sales and distribution to builders, world wide. Items like these are regularly shipped to builders as far away as Australia.



Ideally for production, I would work on only one catalog part at a time, but in the hangar  I tend to have two opposing parts, such as motor mounts and oil cases, going at the same time. I’ll switch back and forth between them before and after lunch, to avoid getting burned out on one of them.  I’m working on oil cases now, but we have two completed ones on the shelf at SPA for anyone who would like to advance their project before another day passes.

Here is the link to our products page:


If you have questions, the SPA hotline is 904 626 7777.


For a funny story about how the cases are rough cleaned read this:

Jack-o-lantern parts cleaner for HV-2000 rear cases.

The quote below is from the story. Yes, there are single afternoons of being a Motorhead that are more life-affirming than a whole bookstore of new age self help books. To each their own, but I personally find more solace in life from fire, beer and metal than I have found in humus, yoga and eastern literature.


“For all of you childhood pyromaniacs and unrepentant troglodytes trapped in repressive gated communities, those in apartments with pleasant neighbors and  builders exiled to places with property owners associations run by yuppies, gaze upon the Jack-o-lantern cleaner and imagine horrifying all of those that would repress your most fundamental pyro-mechanical instincts.  It isn’t just a cleaning tool. When surrounded by fun people drinking beer it is a down right declaration of motorhead independence and freedom. Contrasts nicely with the forest at twilight.”




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  1. HV-2000 is one of the many parts that I ordered in preparation for closing my case at CC#39. It couldn’t have been easier. One email to the crew at SPA and they added it onto my order. The parts were beautiful in a way that only a jack-o-lantern cleaner can produce.

    Thank you for your work, it has made it so easy for new builders like me (aspiring wannabe motorheads) to build their own engine for the first time.

  2. Ok William: is this a test or are my old eyes deceiving me?
    Is that first housing cracked or is it an optical illusion?

    1. Joe, it’s an illusion. What looks like a crack is a little ridge that is on all of the castings, it just looks bigger on the first one because of a shadow.

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