Zenith Mounts ready to go, 3/28/2018.


Below is a picture I took this morning at SPA, the Panther factory, and the distribution point for all the things needed in Corvair powered flight.



Left and middle are Zenith 601/650 mounts (Part number 4201A) and on the right is a Zenith 750/Cruiser mount, (4201B). They are bolted to thin plywood sheets and padded for delivery. Because they are a low weight, high volume package, the best method of shipment turns out to be USPS overnight Express Mail, which is actually 100% hand handled packages, a good feature for shipped aircraft parts difficult to package.


The mounts pictured are ready for shipment, Lisa the shipping manager at SPA, said the 750 mount was yet to be spoken for. If a builder purchased it on line tonight, the mount would ship tomorrow, and be there on Friday.


Here is the link to our products page:



If you have questions, the SPA hotline is 904 626 7777.  The next round of Zenith mount production is 4-5 weeks out.





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  1. Hey William,

    I received my 750 mount in record time and in excellent shape.The person at the post office did not know what the heck it was and I tried unsuccessfully to explain. It is beautifully made and it fit on my Cruzer air frame perfectly without any “adjustments”

    I’ve had the 3L running several times on my new airplane. I’m very close to completion – cannot wait !!!


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