Things to ponder…



Things to ponder;

Why, in a near empty parking lot, did the owner of a new Lexus park so close to my old truck that I had a hard time opening the passenger door?



After much consideration, the only reason I could come up with was this: He really wanted me to put my spare dead water moccasin under his windshield wiper. 


As a society, we are often in too big a hurry to ponder the questions of our fellow mans needs and wants. I feel better about myself when I take the time to ponder the questions life presents, and come up with an answer that makes me feel good about caring for the desires of my fellow man, even if I don’t know him personally. Its just the kind of person I try to be.






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  1. Hahaha. i really, really try hard not to tell on myself on the internet, It lasts forever. From time to time I am reminded of a comment I made in reply to an ignorant’s comment on, especially, an article dunning public school teachers and school services, or, in our state, and in our particular rural community, acting like they have a right beyond the 1st Amendment to criticize us for Federal and State mandated services we do our best to offer that are unfunded by lawmakers, especially when said critics are SO ignorant not to know that the state pays 92% of our school’s budget because the strangling, negatively synergetic funding laws continue due to pusillanimous legisators, and teachers can’t actually afford to buy a home here on the pay we have to give them, he ran on. Oops, there I go again…I better stick to snakes…much more elegant.

  2. Why do I picture in my mind that your are wringing your hands together while laughing in a somewhat hysterical manner? I always want to do things like that but I never seem to have a darn water moccasin handy…

  3. serves the a hole right, it gets the point across better than some politically correct humorous note, I hope he got his hands dirty removing it!!!

  4. Would have been much better to have used a live one with his mouth wired shut! A construction crew I was supervising did that to me with a copper head one time, putting the very angry snake under my driver’s seat. I looked down with it attempting to strike my ankle and foot. I left the vehicle at about 10 mph on the gravel drive, where upon it chugged across the yard and dead centered a big pine tree!

  5. This is what Go Pro cameras and dash cams are for! To see idiot Lexus drivers wet their pants on camera when they walk back to their car! You could have made tons of money with that video!

  6. This is why I’m building a Corvair…not because it’s what BHP preferred, not because William has spent the biggest part of his adult life perfecting the conversion….no, it is due to the compassion he shows others in need.

    Also, would have been nice to have had 2…you know, you should always replace both windshield vipers at once.

  7. You are a Prince among men, to give up something that goooooood eat’n, with a great start on a dy-no-mite pair a boots as well!!! This selfless action for someone obviously not in full use of their God-given wits (driving a car that costs as much as three used pickups) stands as an example to us all of the kindnesses we can do for our fellow man every day! I stand with you as I say to the bad parker, something I mastered early in life, “Well Bless Your Heart”.

  8. I see a NYT Bestseller “101 Uses for a Dead Water Moccasin”

    I guess he’s lucky you were out of Burmese Pythons.

  9. This caused me to spew Coca cola out of my nose! Is the plural of Lexus Lexi?

  10. I’m still pondering that you had a ‘spare dead water moccasin’. I have lots of unusual stuff lying around, but that beats all. Thanks for sharing.

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