My Dads favorite Childhood book.



In 1937 my father was 11, and he was presented the book below by a gentleman named Frankie Walsh. He was a WWI infantryman who served with my grandfather in the 78th Division in savage combat in France.

Walsh worked both for the CAB and CAA, and ultimately was head of production for Vought. His visits to my fathers childhood home in Passaic NJ gave my dad a close connection to aviation.

Walsh came home married to a French war bride named Gerrie , who became my grandmothers closest friend. She left for her new home in America leaving little behind. All four of her brothers were killed in WWI. Frankie only made it to the 1940s, but Gerrie, his widow lived until the 1980s and was a close part of my own childhood.


“Flying for 1937”





The Billy in the inscription is my father.






The book covers all aspects of flying including air racing. Wittman’s picture is on the right. I flew with him in the Olds Tailwind 56 years after my father received the book.




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  1. William,
    I am THRILLED to see you writing again. I so enjoy your stories with the embedded bits of wisdom. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you at Barnwell in November.

    BTW…what is up with the photos?? Aweful hard to see them all scrunched up like they appear. Is there a way that I can see them “normally”?

    All the best,

    Bob Taylor
    Medina, Ohio

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