Rob Schaum’s Corvair / Rebel


The achievement of building and flying the first Corvair powered Murphy Rebel goes to Rob Schaum of Connecticut.  He put the plane through a flawless one hour first flight this afternoon.

Above, Rob’s plane. It was a 120hp Corvair and a warp drive prop. 


Rob is on the left. On the right 800 hour Corvair/601XL pilot Ken Pavlou, who acted as Rob’s immediate support on verifying that his engine was in tip top shape.


Do you occasionally get discouraged because your project isn’t advancing as fast as others claim theirs is? Focus in on this thought: The only competition you are in is with the forces which discourage you. They only win if you quit. 

Get a look at the picture above. The guy the arrow is pointing to is Rob Schaum. This picture was taken at a Corvair Night School I held in the shop of Dr. Gary Ray in Michigan……..It was February 14th, 2005.  Yes, Rob was working on his plane nearly 18 years ago.

This tells you two important facts: Rob Schaum does not quit easily, he understands my saying: “In Homebuilding, Persistence Pays”, and it also tell you that I’m here for the long run, and will be there to support you when you take your plane for its first flight. 

Ken reported that Rob was really elated today. It was well deserved. Over the years I had many people tell me they were going to build a Rebel with a Corvair, but to this date, just one man refused to quit, and now he owns the sky. A just reward for his persistence. 



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  1. When people ask why my plane is taking so long I have been telling them, “The plane isn’t the project. I am the project; having a plane when I’m done is just a bonus.”

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