Oshkosh 2017

Above, Joe Sarciones 3,000 cc Corvair 750 STOL behind my booth at Airventure.  The plane now has 60 hours on it, flew in from Massachusetts. Very nice piece of craftsmanship. Come see it at booth 616 in the north aircraft display area,



About William Wynne
I have been continuously building, testing and flying Corvair engines since 1989. Information, parts and components that we developed and tested are now flying on several hundred Corvair powered aircraft. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics and an A&P license from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and have a proven 20 year track record of effectively teaching homebuilders how to create and fly their own Corvair powered planes. Much of this is chronicled at www.FlyCorvair.com and in more than 50 magazine articles.

5 Responses to Oshkosh 2017

  1. Dennis McGuire says:

    Thanks for the photo. Can you take more photos of Corvair powered aeroplanes?
    Dennis McGuire
    Jacksonville Fla

  2. Roger Pepin says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words
    My email told me 3 new Flycorvair messages.
    I opened them but received only the photos, no text. Thought Huh! Oh Well.
    Looked at them again to see if there was more to be gleaned.
    Saw a multitude of people near the bomber but only saw the 1 guy squatting behind “his” plane.
    Reminded me of how people talk about supporting homebuilders but more are drawn to the multi million dollar turbos like on the cover of “their” magazine, and exotic hardware.

    I must remember to take some time, stop by homebuilts and voice my appreciation for their dedication.

  3. Susan Schlundt says:

    It was very good meeting you this week as well as your brother in law. Thank you for allowing Gerry and I to hang out in your booth, hear your stories, and have his questions answered.

  4. Joseph Sarcione says:

    William, we just landed back in Lawrence MA. Thank you for the great time at Oshkosh

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