July 27

Above, a very bad ass piece of American Cold War hardware at Airventure: B-1B. Flew in today. Joined a B-52H and the worlds last 2 B-29s at the main square of the show. Well known Corvair builder Dan Glaze worked on the production line that built most of the B-1s , and is a wealth of information on their history.

Chevrolet has an add which pictures the back of a red 1963 Corvette split window coupe, with the phrase “they don’t write songs about Volvos.” If you want to spend your time in aviation with people of experience and quality, consider the caliber of people in the Corvair movement; because there probably isn’t anyone in the Rotax camp that actually worked on the B-1 production line





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  1. Saw this one fly in and the fire it was spitting out the back on afterburners was incredible. Our 1965 Corvair engine took my wife and I and our Sonex to KOSH and back with no issues. 1600 miles averaging 145 mph over the ground for the whole trip and burning just under 6 gph!. It is a wonderful thing to fly behind the engine you built with your own hands.
    Ed Lee

  2. I was on the B-ONE program much of my career at (North American) Rockwell and later Boeing from 1977 to retirement. Politics aside, it is an amazing machine. With my involvement with EAA, I know one of the current B-1B pilots. SHE is younger than the plane she files!

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