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This week marks one year since Dan and Rachel Weseman at SPA Panther have taken on the sales and distribution of our FlyCorvair products and information. It has worked out even better than either of us suspected, with builders being the prime beneficiaries of the new system. Here is a look at the story that launched the change: Outlook 2016, New order page and distribution method.


I have had the same shipping address for 11 years, but in order to further integrate shipping and record keeping at a single location, I am asking builders to utilize the SPA address below for all things they wish to send to me, from liability statements to cores, it should all be sent to the address below:


WW/FlyCorvair – C/O 

Sport Performance Aviation LLC,  1528 Virgils Way, Suite 8

Green Cove Springs,  Florida 32043

904 626 7777.




Above, a front quarter view of the Corvair engine. This particular engine began flying in 2016, read: 2,850cc Corvair Bearhawk LSA – now flying.





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