Today’s contest: Identity this Corvair motor mount.



The correct answer is Kitfox 5, 6, and 7, tricycle gear.  Three guys guessed this, and I will send each of them a tee shirt, as soon as they write back with their size and address. Mike Maury was the first guy to mention this, because he has been waiting for this for a long time, and he is the “Outlaw Kitfox”  guy mention in previous stories. He was say it in about an hour and mentioned this, but I didn’t say he was wrong, I just left it alone. Later, 2 other guys Bob Krause and Ken Paxton, followed Mike, and notice, I didn’t say they were wrong either.  Don’t be mad, it was a great brainstorming session of classic homebuilts.

Dan and Rachel built several of these mounts, Mike’s is just the first one pictured. If you are a Kitfox guy, you can call Rachel direct at SPA/Panther for pricing and delivery. 904 626 7777 ext #1. These were several years in development, and now they are an on the shelf item. Progress.  -ww.


Here is todays contest: Use the comments section to identify this motor mount. Bonus points for knowing which models of the aircraft it fits, and the landing gear configuration. First builder with the right answer gets a tee shirt, and the first smart aleck who guesses Cessna 162 will get a sack of rubber dog poop flown in from Hong Kong:






Above, the mount on a rotating stand. Picture was taken today in the SPA/Panther factory. Mount design and layout is by Dan Weseman, fabrication by Mr. Travis, aka “Retro Black“.



Above, right side up. Notice it has it’s own custom MA-3SPA intake and Custom exhaust.


Could be some hints here: Mounts at Oshkosh and Colleges.


May the most eagle eyed builder win.  Start typing, if it takes two tries to guess right, we will send your tee shirt with the sleeves torn off, Larry the Cable guy style.






The dummy motor pictured has actually made about six trips to Oshkosh as my display motor, when it was cosmetically more youthful. We dressed it out with accessories to look real, but it spared risking a real engine getting damaged by weather or in transit It has no valuable parts inside. Every year, after the last day of the show, I would unbolt it from the stand, and leave it right out by the road overnight to see if anyone would heist it. Inside it was a note saying “I hope you had fun carrying this boat anchor all the way to the parking lot.” A potentially fun joke, but no one ever took it.




About William Wynne
I have been continuously building, testing and flying Corvair engines since 1989. Information, parts and components that we developed and tested are now flying on several hundred Corvair powered aircraft. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics and an A&P license from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and have a proven 20 year track record of effectively teaching homebuilders how to create and fly their own Corvair powered planes. Much of this is chronicled at and in more than 50 magazine articles.

106 Responses to Today’s contest: Identity this Corvair motor mount.

  1. Brent Mayo says:

    Panther Tri gear motor mount

  2. Larry Nelson says:


  3. Chuck Callahan says:

    wow, and you even gave a hint with the clip from Top Gun. It’s obvious! It’s for an F-14. There are plenty in moth balls for the taking.

  4. Mike maury says:

    I hope like heck that will hang my 3 litre on the front of my kifox series7 nose dragger. Mike maury

  5. Robin Oldfield says:

    Zenith 750. If I’m correct I’d prefer to have a t-shirt with sleeves

  6. Ken Paxton says:

    Kitfox 5,6,&7

  7. Dennis McGuire says:

    Engine mount for a Zodiac 601XL

  8. Dennis McGuire says:

    I meant to say Zenith not Zodiac
    For the 601, 650 and 750

  9. M Raf says:

    Hi, I can only guess by the hint from the topgun movie, Maverick homebuilt, I Think it is from patterson AeroSales, and that it was a Murphy design from the start…. but I could be wrong.

  10. Dave Hoehn says:

    It is for a scaled down WWII replica of a P-39 (but with the engine in the wrong place). No?
    How about a mount for a BD-18.

  11. M Raf says:

    …Hi again… forgot to write that it looks like a nose gear configuration… or perhaps floats…
    Best Regards
    M Raf

  12. Gary Ray says:

    I’m am going with the B-KOO “Inspiration” first Chinese homebuilt aircraft. Due to the reference in Top Gun.

  13. Anthony Liberatore says:

    The engine mounts upper attachment points are wide, which leads me to believe it is side by side 2 seater. The central power mount perhaps denotes a co-locating with a nose gear. I thought I might be for a Pusher install ( Breezy? ), but the exhaust stacks are at the wrong angle. I think it might be something with a firewall on an angle as well… Or, is it another motor mount of the Twin RV-6?….

  14. Bob 'early builder' Dewenter says:

    Savanna S mount

  15. Bob 'early builder' Dewenter says:

    Gemini CH 620

  16. Bob 'early builder' Dewenter says:


  17. Bob 'early builder' Dewenter says:


  18. Bob 'early builder' Dewenter says:


  19. stuart says:

    Kr2s trigear I think unless Im disqualified for my Bruce Dern Comments.

  20. Anthony Liberatore says:

    Hmm… Carb moved up which denotes sleek cowl. The circular pad to me denotes a place for Ercoupe type rubber donuts to snub a Bede type nose strut, mounted on the firewall. Europa is wide enough, but the cowl is deep. Pulsar variant?, maybe, but they are not particularly wide. Murphy Rebel LSA, that might be a fit. In my wildest dreams? it’s for a side by side Bearhawk Patrol ( No, it won’t happen, I asked, “Bob” said no, build a Wagabond ! 😉 Buttercup? that is a long shot as well, it is wide, but I don’t think their has been a tri-gear variant… Yet.

    • Anthony, you are all over the map, but the part about little rubber donuts is correct. Same cowl as our other birds, I built pulsar mounts, but this isn’t one

      • Anthony Liberatore says:

        Doh! I got the side by side and I got the rubber donut, dang I am close! 🙂 It has got to be something that is more “old school” that old schooler EAA-er’s can build if they choose…

      • It is one of the most popular homebuilts of all time

  21. Robin Oldfield says:

    Alex, what is a Flybaby?

  22. Anthony Liberatore says:

    “It is one of the most popular homebuilts of all time”…. Ah Tailwind?

  23. Anthony Liberatore says:

    Another Long shot, popular because it was unique, but not in total numbers built. The Dyke Delta guys are talking about an LSA variant, It was in the 1962 timeframe. The rubber donut would fit, as an LSA variant would now go fixed gear. Come to think of it, I think the LSA variant they are discussing maybe side-by-side….

  24. stuart snow says:

    Thorpe t-18 trigear

  25. Jim Tomaszewski says:

    Sonerai tri gear

  26. stuart snow says:

    Ok this is my final guess Stits SA-11 playmate

  27. Bob Krause says:

    I’m late to the party, but, my guess is a Kitfox 5, 6, or 7

  28. Jim Tomaszewski says:

    Turner T40B

  29. Richard Luna says:

    I’m gonna guess the Wittman Tailwind.

  30. recardoluna says:

    I’m gonna guess its for the Wittman Tailwind.

  31. Bob 'early builder' Dewenter says:

    I got it! Its for the UnicornVair

  32. stuart snow says:

    MFI-9HB  –  Bolkow Junior Ok ive exceeded my chances. If I’m wrong I’ll send a special gift.

  33. Guy Bowen says:

    Turner T40A

  34. Jim Tomaszewski says:

    Davis DA2

  35. Bob 'early builder' Dewenter says:


  36. Bob 'early builder' Dewenter says:

    is it a Europa?

  37. David Swann says:

    its a tri gear volksplane??????

  38. David Swann says:

    its my WAG I have no idea

  39. David Swann says:

    its for a c152 experimental

  40. Sarah Ashmore says:

    I don’t suppose it could be for a design that was typically VW powered and is being adapted to Corvair so it needs a sleek mounting? You can flog me if I am way off base.

  41. Sarah Ashmore says:

    OK call it a cheat but I just scanned through the 2006 Kitplanes Plans Built Buyer’s guide and could not find a two-seat, side-by-side, nosegear aircraft that uses an engine in the 100 hp range that has not already been mentioned. Either it is one that was nosegear optional or the plans were long out of print by then (or I just looked too fast).

  42. David Swann says:

    i think you are fishing for clues Sarah?

  43. David Swann says:

    I think when he finally says what it is we are all going to hit our self’s in the head and say I should have thought of that?

  44. Sarah Ashmore says:

    Cygnet maybe ?

  45. David Swann says:

    that was fun you should have these more often, confrats to shirt winners

  46. David Swann says:

    glad I didnt misspell shirts

  47. Bob Krause says:

    William, This is great news for all of us who want to put a Corvair on our Kitfox. All of the work that you and Dan and Travis do is appreciated! Thank you.

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