Mounts at Oshkosh and Colleges.


In the last few days we have had a number of questions on ordering and picking up mounts at airshows and colleges. We are always glad to save the builder the shipping on a mount by delivering it in person to an event. A few guidelines make the process work smoother, and several of the letter’s questions can be covered here.

We have two different categories of mounts. Some we build in big groups just to have available, others are in small groups or done one at a time. For the most part, the Zenith 601/650 mount (4201-A) and the Zenith 750 (4201-B), we build in groups 4 times a year. Typically, we have several extras heading to a show like Oshkosh, but the surplus does not last there, I rarely have one making the return trip in the trailer. If you would like to pick one up, it is best to order it in advance.

The second group is built less frequently. We weld Pietenpol mounts(4201-C) 2 or 3 times a year. We will occasionally build one extra to bring to Brodhead. We don’t generally have extras hanging on the wall. Most of the other mounts are one offs, and we build them at any time of the year because there is no economy of scale with them. If you would like one of these, I will be glad to make it, but for obvious reasons, custom mounts have to be paid for before we get started.


Above, a 2011 photo showing a large cross section of the mounts we make and bring to events. Scoob E examines the pile powder coated Motor Mounts that we produced. The front row is two KR-2 Mounts with a PA-15 Vagabond for Scott Statz’s project. Behind it is a Zenith 750 Mount that we delivered at a College, followed by a Flybaby mount for Bill Rotenberry. The last row is Russ Mintkenbaugh’s  PA-22-108 based Wagabond Mount, and the white one is for Bryon Stewart’s modified PC Cruiser.


If you would like to be assured of picking up a mount at an event, ordering it ahead of time from our website is the best way to go. Every now and then I will have a guy say “I ordered one from you months ago”, and he is referring to sending me an email with a name like “RV6Fyr” that said “I want a mount for my project, see you at Oshkosh” I think most people recognize that I can’t build an motor mount for a guy who I don’t have his name nor know what plane he is building.


If you have a special project or consideration, send me an email with your thoughts and please include a phone number and a good time to call you back in the evening. I will be glad to cover details on the phone at length. -ww

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