West Coast Event: Contact! Magazine alternative engine meet: September 24th French Valley California.


For west coast builders, September 24th is an opportunity to head to French Valley California, for the alternative engine round up, organized by Contact! Magazines’ Pat Panzera. You can read all about it at this link:



Corvair Quickie Q-2


Above, a Corvair powered Dragonfly at the 2014 event.


Zenith 601/Corvair builder Larry Nelson, from Yuma AZ will be on hand to cover Corvair Questions. Larry Was a big help to Dan Weseman and I at Corvair College #34 in Mexico MO., and is up to date on developments on our engines. Additionally, Steve Glover, from NV aero, who hosted Corvair College #37 in Chino in the spring will be at French Valley for the event. Steve has a flying 601XL with a 2700cc Corvair of his own.


This is the 13th event Pat Panzera has hosted, and they offer a wealth of technical information for highly experienced industry people and homebuilders…..And one more thing: the event is free, part of Pat’s long standing commitment to support homebuilding.




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