Corvair College #39 at Barnwell postponed. 


We unfortunately have to postpone College #39 at Barnwell SC which was scheduled for November.  We have previously had 7 outstanding Colleges at Barnwell, and P.F. Beck and crew have set the gold standard for hosting Colleges. However, Barnwell is a county airport, and it’s operation is overseen by a local board. January 1, 2017 sees the arrival of a revised board which again welcomes our event. We looked at many dates, eliminating all the January and February dates because of the prevailing temperature We have selected March 10-12th, 2017 as the revised date for Corvair College #39. All other things about the event, the location, quality, facility and traditional welcome, will all remain the same.

The choice to reschedule did not come lightly. All of us understand the level of prep work that builders have put in, and the time off from work and travel plans, etc. If there was some way to avoid this, or any other area location that could provide the same quality experience, we would have gladly taken that option over a postponement. After looking at all possible options, postponing the College was the only viable choice.

I have spent many hours in discussion with Dan Weseman to provide options for builders who’s projects would be delayed by the postponement, or people who can not adjust their scheduled travel. We are very serious about trying to accommodate every individual who doesn’t have the option of attending the rescheduled event. While Barnwell has been and will remain the “flagship” Corvair College, and most people will opt to simply transfer their registration to the new date, Dan and I have spoken  about running a Finishing School at the SPA/Panther facility in Green Cove Springs FL on the same date that CC#39 was originally scheduled for. We are 250 miles south of Barnwell, and this event would not be a full scale regular college, but it will be an option for builders put in a bind by the rescheduled date.

After looking at your personal calendar, I need everyone who is signed up for CC#39 to choose one of the following options this week:

1) Select to attend Corvair College #39 at Barnwell on the rescheduled date in March 2017. Your registration costs will be directly applied, and you will be signed up for the new date, there will be no additional costs.

2) Select a refund for your registration costs. This will be sent back to you in full. Although we don’t control the factor causing the postponement, I am more than willing to refund any builders sign up cost, it is just part of treating people as fairly as possible. Keep in mind that we have about 70 people already signed up for #39, and the physical limit of Barnwell is 90 builders. If you opt for a refund, I will gladly provide it, but I am going to announce the revised dates on my website shortly, and if we refund your sign up fee and later fill the college to capacity of 90, I will not be able to fit anyone else in at the revised dates.

I understand this is short notice, but I really need everyone signed up for #39 to respond to with their choice by September 3rd. To make your choice, please click on this link and make your selection.

If you think that your choice hinges on the ability to attend the Florida Finishing School on the original date, please contact Dan, Rachel and I at this address:   We will give you a quick answer on space available and if the phase of your engine build is better served by a full College or a Finishing School. Keep in mind that you can select to stay signed up for college #39 at the revised date, and potentially still attend the Finishing School.

Again, my humble apologies for the problems this change in schedule will cause. While I can not change the situation, I am very willing to try to accommodate builders needs. Thanks in advance for your understanding on this. We don’t control everything in life, but we do control how we react to it, and I am most appreciative of everyone’s positive attitude about this situation.




Above, Bob Lester’s Corvair powered Pietenpol sits on the ramp at Barnwell at sunset on Saturday night at Corvair College #31.


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Thank you, William Wynne. –




6 Replies to “Corvair College #39 at Barnwell postponed. ”

  1. I continue to scour the website and seem to see everything except how to sign up for the college, pricing, etc.. What am i missing. Looks like there would be a link to sign up. I just cant find it.

  2. William, If you haven’t already, may I suggest the EAA Conway SC chapter 1167. HYW is a nice quiet airport with plenty of space. Contact president Sarah Floyd at 912-352-8241 or Maybe they can help now or in the future.

    1. Ray, Thanks for the contact, but everything at Barnwell will be better than ever after the first of the year, the dilemma we are experiencing is temporary in nature, the fix will be permanent. .-ww.

  3. William, Tried to sign up for Barnwell but it says: This form is currently private and cannot be viewed by the public. My son and I would like to attend in March. Ron

  4. William, as you may recall, I have signed up for the “finishing college”

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