On the road to Brodhead and Oshkosh 2014


We are leaving to head north today. We will be at Brodhead WI late Friday and all day Saturday the 26th. The first day of Oshkosh is the 28th. The Last day is Sunday August 3rd.


 We will be there in booth 616 in the North aircraft display area (where all homebuilt companies are) Right where we were the last several years.


Our forum schedule: Oshkosh Corvair Forums – 2014


Answers to common Oshkosh questions: 21 Days to Oshkosh 2014


After Oshkosh we are detouring to NJ to visit with my Parents on the way back to Florida. I expect to be in NJ by August 6th, and back in the workshop in Florida by the 15th. That will give us 30 days to prep for Corvair College #30.


While we are gone, It is almost certain that the shop answering machine on 904-529-0006 will fill up. As a much better alternative, please use our email: WilliamTCA@aol.com as a phone message location. Simply put “Phone Message” in the subject box and we will call you back from the road. Please include your phone number and a good time to call you. We will be swamped at Oshkosh, but I have a chance to return many calls while at my parents home.


If you are planning on attending Corvair Colleges #30 or #31, please sign up before Oshkosh starts. Both of these events are more than half full, and in a few days at Oshkosh I expect that they will fill up. We have limited space in MO for #30, which restricts us to 70 builders. #31 at Barnwell can take 90 people, but that is also getting full. For  sign up info read this: Corvair College #30 and #31 sign up now open


We hope to see as many of you as possible in the next few weeks. -ww.

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