Oshkosh Corvair Forums – 2014


Here is a list of my forums on the Corvair at Airventure this year, Please also note that our booth is 616. For more information, please read this link:

21 Days to Oshkosh 2014

……(yes, I know it is no longer 21 days to Oshkosh.)


2013, Above, Grace and ScoobE stand in front of the Arch, as we depart from my 20th Oshkosh.


Tuesday, July 29

0830 – 0945 (8:30 AM – 9:45 AM)
Workshop Classroom 2

Wednesday, July 3o
0830 – 0945 (8:30 AM – 9:45 AM)
Forum 2

Saturday, August 2

Corvair Engines

1130 – 1245 (11:30 AM – 12:45 PM)

Workshop Classroom 3



4 Replies to “Oshkosh Corvair Forums – 2014”

  1. Wiliam,
    Is it possible for you to record one the Oshkosh 14 presentations and either:
    a) stream it online at a later stage? or
    b) make it available on request to those of us outside of the US (makes it very hard to attend from OZ)
    understand if you don’t wish to.
    Phil Ridgway

    1. Phil,

      I am pretty sure they have recorded at least some of my Forums, I have not putmuch research into it, but you could check out the EAA’s website to find out more info. I sis a webcast with Charlie Becker from HQ about two years ago that is still accessible on their website, just search “Corvair” on the Webinar section.

      1. William,
        Thanks, found it, I’ll watch it with interest. Keep up the fine work.

  2. After reading Phil’s question and William’s response I found the Corvair Webinar on the EAA site. I figured I’d listen to a few minutes as it was getting late but found myself listening to the entire session!!
    I am into my third year flying behind a Corvair and I am still learning. I have also found that William is always right!!! During the session he mentioned props and I had to chuckle to myself, for it took almost three years for me to listen to his earlier advise to run a shorter prop on my Merlin. Most of us have learned incorrectly that you need a long prop on a floatplane. However, what is most important is to get the RPM up so the Corvair can make it’s HP rating. I shortened my prop not expecting much but got a huge increase in takeoff performance and not much decrease in cruise.

    Anybody who is new (or old) to the Corvair please listen and absorb every bit of info from William.

    Good luck Phil
    Thank you William


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