Zenith 601XL flying at night, cockpit video.


The very impressive video linked to below is the work of 601XL-2,700cc Corvair builder and flyer Ken Pavlou, of Connecticut. He finished his plane barely 2 months ago, but now has 70 flawless hours on it. He is flying the plane to Oshkosh in 2 weeks.



Left to right, Three Corvair powered Zenith 601XL’s. Ken Pavlou, Roger Pritchard and Louis Leung’s planes in a row. 


The seven minute video of the flight can be found at this link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afIoeM6tqTE .


Pictured is Ken’s night landing at Groton – New London airport. The minutes approaching the airport were from the west over Niantic and Waterford. Ken told me the basic altitude was about 1000 feet and he was cruising at 115 mph indicated. You can also watch video of Ken’s first flight at this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nK01KhG2CkE&feature=youtu.be




Stop and think about how many times you have heard someone tell you that auto engine were not reliable, and can’t be made to fly in planes. Look at Ken’s plane, think about it’s flawless performance, and realize that every blow hard that told you it wouldn’t work, simply didn’t know what he was talking about…..although that isn’t an impediment to them talking.


Ken isn’t an A&P from a flying family dynasty. Quite the contrary, he is a registered nurse who grew up in Greece. Gravity physics and  chemistry don’t play favorites, they will work for anyone who plays by their rules, and this trio will provide total reliability for people who use good judgment and work with proven designs. Success identical to Ken’s is available to anyone who is willing to learn with an open mind, it is not reserved for ‘special’ people. Experience with aircraft only helps the builder with judgment and a plan, it will not provide success for, nor protect the person who will not listen, consider, and learn. This is, and will always remain, lesson #1 in homebuilding.




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  1. That’s the kind of calm, peaceful flight that I love at the end of the day. When I get out of the cockpit after one of those, I feel relaxed and renewed.

  2. Makes me recall the evenings after work when driving down to the “the Sound” for dinner and a beach side walk were taken for granted.
    It’s a long way from there to where I am now in hotter than h*ll Arizona.
    Nice job on the plane and airmanship Ken!

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